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Wedding Trends for 2019

For anybody getting married in 2019, the fun is only just beginning. You have probably already started to pick out things you want for your wedding celebrations, and you may even be looking at menus for the wedding reception. There are often dozens of wedding fairs and events going on during the year where you can find the latest fashions and trends for your wedding. To give you a little help, here are some of the major trends you should be looking at for any weddings happening in 2019.

Purple Details

There’s been a growing trend in the use of purple and violet at many weddings in the last few months, and it looks like it is set to carry on until next year. In the main part, the purple is being used in the floor designs bouquets and also in some cases, the lighting especially at receptions. There was also been some leaning towards periwinkle and pale purple for bridesmaid’s dresses and details such as the ties on the groom and best man. If you’re going to go down this route, you might want to include several shades of purple so that it doesn’t overpower the rest of the decorations.

A Natural Twist

Some of the more rustic and vintage ideas that have been popular in the past have started to see a decline. More wedding parties are now starting to look at a more natural and inviting decoration. This includes the use of bringing the outdoors inside with tailored greenery and big floral centerpieces. However, the centerpieces are now no longer artistic, but more generalized and natural looking. The same applies to venues, as more people are looking for traditional and natural locations for their wedding such as those you can find on this page. Colors such as green and emerald are now taking center stage and will be making a big impact in 2019.

Video Mapping

Technology is making a big impact in weddings, and this will become more prevalent next year. Once only available to those with a big budget, video mapping is now becoming accessible to everyone. The way video mapping works is it uses projectors to shine images onto the walls of the venue you are using. This can transform the look of the room into anything you desire. It also means you can have the room as part of the wedding theme. If you can’t make up your mind, you could always have the theme changing as the evening progresses, or have one theme for the wedding and a different theme for the reception.


Flowers have always played a big part in weddings and next year will be no exception. The must-have flower for 2019 seems to be the dahlia because of its wide color variety and intricate layers. It has certainly been more popular in recent months and is also able to go with many other varieties of flower. As well as cut flowers, there is also a leaning towards having flowers in plant pots on the table that can then be taken home or reused. This desire for reusing decorations has become a lot more popular and will be used more so in the years to come it seems.


If you’ve ever seen those amazing high up, wide-angle shots at wedding parties, you will no doubt be wondering how you can incorporate this into your wedding. The traditional wedding photographer has now become higher tech by using drones to capture unique angles and different perspectives. With the latest technology, these drones can take amazing videos and pictures with steady results. It also means you can get stunning action shots both inside and outside that you would never be able to accomplish before. Of course, it also means if you do have a friend of the family who is good at flying drones, you could always use them to do your wedding photos rather than hiring a dedicated wedding photographer.

Tech-Free Weddings

You might think in this age of social media and technology that weddings will be one of the occasions when cell phones and cameras will be incredibly popular. However, many wedding parties and now looking to host tech-free or unplugged ceremonies. These events encourage the guests to turn off the cell phones and simply enjoy the splendor of the ceremony itself. Some parties are also encouraging the guests to turn their mobile phones off for the reception as well. Although, there is a photographer present to help catch those magic moments.


With the recent royal wedding, many brides are now looking to create their own fairy tale by wearing a tiara. Sometimes it can stay with just a tiara, but often it can include a whole Princess themed wedding for the bride’s special occasion. Of course, there are companies who hire tiaras out for the duration of the wedding, so you don’t need the added expense of something as rare and beautiful.

A Variety of Food Options

Anyone who’s been married or has been to a wedding will know the difficulty and impossibility of catering to everybody’s needs. That could be one of the reasons behind the latest trend of having small plates of food instead of one large meal. The idea is that you have many different foods as a selection so that people can mix and match what they want to eat. This would hopefully cater to everybody and also allow for a more interesting evening meal. Buffet reception meals are also becoming popular, especially if you have guests coming for the reception that won’t be attending the wedding. For those who are really looking to tighten the budget, it has also been a recent trend to bring and share meals, where everyone contributes one dish to the reception table.

Choosing the look and feel of your wedding can be one of the most difficult parts of the whole process. Thankfully, there are many trends and ideas around that can inspire you and allow you to experiment with new combinations.

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