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How to Look Like the Perfect Wedding Guest – A Guide to Wedding Guest Attire

How to Look Like the Perfect Wedding Guest – A Guide to Wedding Guest Attire

It’s wedding season – for some people, those words invoke excitement, romance, and joy whereas for others they can incite panic and a sense of confusion. No, we aren’t talking about how the bride and groom feel. Rather, we’re talking about wedding guests and what that wedding invitation can do to them. For many people, figuring out what to wear as a wedding guest can prove to be rather frustrating, confusing, and stressful.

Not to worry, as we are here to break it down and provide you with a guide to wedding guest attire. We’ll cover all the basics for the whole family so that you show up looking like the perfect wedding guest.

Look for Special Instructions

The first step in looking like the perfect wedding guest is to watch for special instructions on the wedding invitation. From time to time, you may be asked to dress a certain way, which will be clearly stated on the invitation. It could be a theme wedding, costume wedding, or even a black-tie affair. If there are special instructions, it’s your job to follow them. Remember, the bride and groom are putting a lot of work into their special day, so you want to be sure you add to their excitement and follow those special attire instructions.

If you have any question about the wedding attire, you may want to contact someone from the bridal party, or the mother of the bride, if possible. Chances are the bride has got her plate pretty full at the moment, so if you can speak to someone else it would make the bride’s life a lot easier. Nowadays, many couples are setting up social media pages regarding their wedding, so this may also be a good source of information or a place to ask a question.

Consider the Venue

If the invitation doesn’t have any special instructions, then the next step should be to consider the venue. If you aren’t familiar with the venue, it’s a good idea to research it online or call the location directly. The venue will be setting the tone and atmosphere at the wedding, which acts as a good gauge for you. You will be able to determine how dressy or casual you need to be based on the venue.

Take, for example, a garden wedding. This would be a more casual affair – think your Sunday church clothes. Meanwhile, if it’s at a posh banquet hall, you’d be looking at dressing in more formal clothing.

What About the Kids

Another tricky aspect to looking like the perfect wedding guest is dressing the kids appropriately. Just like you, they should match the tone and atmosphere or follow the special instructions. If it is a formal affair, be sure to shop well in advance for clothing. Boys suits may need to be altered and fitted, so you want to be sure you have plenty of time to get this done. Girls’ dresses can be the same story, so shopping well in advance is recommended.

Color and accessories go a long way in determining how dressy your child looks. For example, a boy’s suit in a lovely clean-looking beige paired with a light blue shirt is ideal for those casual affairs. Meanwhile, opting for a traditional black suit, black tie, and a crisp white shirt is perfect for formal weddings.

Can You Wear Bright Colors?

A common question among women is whether bright colors are acceptable at a wedding. Again, the venue will come into play. So long as it’s not a black-tie event, then some color is welcome. Go ahead and pick a bright purple, a rich blue, a lovely shade of emerald green, or play with prints and textures. There’s no reason why you can’t pick out an outfit that fits your personality, can be worn again, and is still wedding-guest appropriate.

The only rule you want to follow when it comes to picking a color is to stay away from white. That’s for the bride to wear and no-one else.

Tone it Down

If you’re the type that loves to be the center of attention – wearing sequins, sparkles, neon colors, sexy dresses, and plenty of makeup – today is the day to tone it all down. The bride and groom should be the focus of the day, which means wedding guests need to be respectful and blend into the background if you will.

A Vision of Loveliness

By following these tips and tricks, you’re sure to show up looking like the perfect wedding guest, which will help to make the day even more special for the couple.


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