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Exam Stress

Exam Stress? Oh I feel you.

Exam Stress

How Can You Keep Your Cool in High-Stress Situations?

I will tell you a secret. I have this problem. I am never calm in high-stress situations.

Define what risk is

I’m pretty good in crises that involve other people, especially my loved ones, but when the crisis is mine, I lose all my cool.

I’m so envious of people who resemble cucumbers when the going gets tough that I finally decided to get off my duff and learn how to stay cool myself.


Humor can diffuse all sorts of high-stress situations. Keep that in mind! When you laugh, it releases hormones that keep you calm and increase your sense of control.

I say breathe,stay with me.You say you want it,but you can’t get it in.


Often, in high-stress situations, you get a huge adrenaline dump.Breathe in and breathe out and think before you respond. Give yourself time before you react, even if you have to do a mental five-count before you say a word.


Before you go into the situation, think about the stress factors. For instance, if you lose your cool when you talk to a boss or a teacher, it might be because you fear authority or you’re intimidated by their position. You need to know what it is that melts all your chill.


Honestly, controlling your breathing is exceptionally helpful. Breathe slowly when you feel yourself losing your calm.


This is the most important piece of advice I can give you. Ignoring stressful situations won’t help you deal with them. It just stagnates you.

How do you stay calm with situations get heated?

I can. I will.

End of story

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