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How To Make Your Home Feel More Inviting

How To Make Your Home Feel More Inviting

Walking into your home should be a pleasant experience. You want others to feel like they want to stay awhile.

Therefore, take the time to clean out your space and evaluate where it needs some tender, love and care. See the below tips on how to make your home feel more inviting.

Update your Entry

The first place anyone walking into your home sees is the entryway. Make sure it’s clean and presentable. A cluttered entry will make your guests want to turn around and leave. Add wood accents, pictures, a rug and live plants to set the right tone. You want people to explore more once they’ve passed through the front door.


Create an inviting ambiance with your colors. Whether it’s cool or warm, set the tone and have a theme with your hues. Catch the attention of your eye with bright colors that make you want to explore further. Try to avoid making it look too crazy or seem like a circus. Blend colors together and have them flow from one room to the next. It’s all about the fluidity.

Comfortable Patio

Head to your patio and get comfortable furniture for a relaxing outside environment. Make sure there’s enough for entertaining, and have a table or two for setting down drinks and food. Clean up your landscape and surrounding plants and garden. Every patio needs a wood fired pizza oven by Fontana Forni USA, which makes amazing pizzas your guests will rave over. It’s portable and all set to go for any occasion. Pair it with your favorite wine and create a night to remember.

Personal Touches

Use your home to display personal touches that are tasteful and not gaudy. Add your style to your décor and the images you display. Make it your own by adding small inclusions here and there, so people know this place is your own. Include pictures of your family and a piece of artwork you made. Let your personality shine through, and make the home feel like yours.

Rugs & Blankets

Add soft textiles and dimension with rugs and blankets. These will give your home that warm and homey look and feel you’ve always wanted. It’s all about adding layers and warmth to the different rooms. Don’t be afraid to add pillows and texture to couches. Arrange your furniture, so it’s easy to sit in and gather when you have people over. Cover the hard floors with a nice and cozy rug that’s soft to the touch.

Good Smells

Fill your home with nice aromas and smells. It doesn’t always have to smell like baking, but there should be a natural scent that fills the air and is easy on the nose. Candles are a great way to add décor and smells at the same time. Add plants for natural fragrances and to freshen up the space.


It’s not always easy to keep your home looking clean and tidy, but it’s possible to make it look cozy most of the time. There are certain steps you must take to create a warm and welcoming home. These are a few ways for how to make your home feel more inviting.

How To Make Your Home Feel More Inviting

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