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How to reveal the hidden potential of your garage

How to reveal the hidden potential of your garage


In 2017, the concept of home renovations is hardly a new one. With property popularly viewed as the best investment for your money, it seems as if everywhere you look, there are how to’s on adding value to your home and countless articles about the latest household must-haves. It has become the norm for property owners to make the most of every area of their houses.

However, one place that often gets neglected is the garage. While garage décor may not sound like the most exciting aspect of decorating your property, there are actually a number of ways to transform this space from a concrete box into a stylish extension of your interior. Continue reading for tips on how to get the perfect garage you never knew you wanted.


You will be amazed by the difference a lick of paint can make to your garage interior. Opt for bright, light reflecting colours, especially if your garage doesn’t get a lot of natural sunlight. Mix things up with some quirky stencils, or if you have any shelves in your garage, paint them in a bold contrasting color.  If you want to be extremely brave, use masking tape to create geometric patterns on your walls. Fill in some of the shapes and leave the others bare, so that when you remove the masking tape, you will be left with a striking criss-cross effect. Whatever you do, don’t forget to paint the ceiling! You can use the same bright colour you painted the walls with, but if possible, go for an even lighter shade to give the optical illusion of increased height.

Granite floors

Don’t write off granite floors as a luxury only available to the most affluent of property owners. Epoxy coating is a sound alternative that looks and lasts like granite. Instead of having a garage floor covered in stains or hot tire marks, this system creates a smooth and stylish finish that will leave your garage floor looking like that of a Ferrari dealership. You won’t have to reign in your creative vision, as the floors can be completed in a range of designer color finishes. It won’t be a chore to maintain these granite floors as they can be easily cleaned and come with a “Life Time Satisfaction Warranty.”


Use this as an opportunity to embrace the importance of a clutter-free home. Firstly, clear out all of the stuff you don’t need. If you are looking to make a few extra dollars, try selling your items online. Remember: one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. Once you have only the bare minimum, invest in some clever storage solutions. Try to get containers that match, and maybe even splash out on some patterned storage boxes to add a bit of flare to your new and improved garage.


Ultimately, the most important thing to remember is your garage itself! You will be surprised by how much fun you can have decorating this part of your home. Alternatively, if you don’t need it to store your car, transform it into another room completely. The possibilities are endless!

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