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Bridesmaids: Here’s How to Save on Costs

Bridesmaids: Here’s How to Save on Costs

Being asked to be a bridesmaid for the wedding of a friend or family member is always an honour. But, once you have accepted the offer, it’s then down to you to make sure that you are able to cover all the financial expenses, for example, buying a bridesmaid’s dress, getting to the venue, and arranging overnight accommodation if needed. Whilst some brides are more than happy to help their bridesmaids out with the costs, it’s likely that you’ll still need to foot some of the bills by yourself. So, we’ve put together some top tips to help bridesmaids save money when preparing for the big day.

Tip #1. Dress Hire

Depending on the type of dress that you’ll need to wear as a bridesmaid, you might want to consider hiring it, rather than buying it outright. Of course, this may not always be possible, as in some cases, the bride will have a clear idea of the type of dresses that she wants her bridesmaids to wear, and you may not be able to hire that particular option. However, if the dresses are still up for discussion then it’s always good to talk to the bride about the option of hiring so that she can look at the types of dresses that are available to choose from.

Tip #2. Transport to the Venue

When it comes to transport, bridesmaids can save themselves a lot of money simply by splitting the cost. Whether it’s a taxi to the hen do, getting to the venue, or even jetting off for a destination wedding, one of the best options for bridesmaids is to go together so that costs can be divided among the group wherever possible. Or, if one or more of the bridesmaids has a car that’s large enough for everybody, this is a good option to consider. For example, if you all have to get to a wedding venue in Surrey, sharing the same car will be a great way to save on petrol and any road tolls that need to be paid along the way.

Tip #3. Saving Money on Gifts

As a bridesmaid, there’s often a lot of pressure put on you to get a lovely gift for the bride and her bridegroom. However, don’t assume that just because you’re a bridesmaid, it’s important for you to spend money that you can’t afford on an expensive and flashy gift. A good idea is to use the gift registry, if there is one, to find a gift idea that fits your budget. Alternatively, you could group together with the other bridesmaids to all chip in for a gift that you’d otherwise be unable to afford on your own.

Tip #4. Accommodation

If you’re going to need to book an overnight stay or even a few days away for a destination wedding, you can save money by staying together with the other bridesmaids in the same hotel suite. Not only will it be more of a social experience than staying alone, the fact that everyone’s chipping in means you could even go for a more upmarket hotel with better facilities.

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