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How to Get Your Home Ready for A Summer Event


Summer is just around the corner, which brings with it the promise of blue skies, hot weather, and evenings made for socializing with friends and family. You will often notice the smell of food grilling in the air as you walk through the streets, and lively summer music drifting over the houses. In any case, this will inspire you to have your own summer event, from the comfort of your own home. Hosting can be exciting, but it can also bring with it some stresses. You will likely be worried about how you can make it fun for everyone, while also being able to relax and enjoy it yourself, so make sure you take note of some key tips.


Deep clean your home

Nobody wants to come to a messy house for a summer event, so your first task should be to have a deep clean before everyone arrives. This doesn’t mean only giving your tabletops a quick wipe down but instead cleaning your entire home from top to bottom. As a task that can be too much for some people to do on their own alongside their busy day job, you can always ask your friends and family to help before the big day. For specialist areas that you can’t solve, such as window washing and carpet cleaning, it’s best to ask a trusted company such as My Technicare to help you prepare.


Revamp your outdoor space

Your inside space isn’t the only part of your home which will need preparing. In fact, it is almost impossible to hold a summer event without enjoying the majority of the time in the sunny outdoors. It means your yard should be as squeaky clean as your interiors. The best thing about this is that you don’t have to be a gardener to do a great job. You can start by clearing away any debris, mowing your lawn, and cutting back on any overgrown plants, before buying some more colorful flowers to plant in your flowerbed. Once you have done this, you should invest in some solar lights to keep your garden warm and inviting after dark, and some plush seating that your guests can feel comfortable on as they meet new people at your event.


Stock your kitchen with food

A summer event is not complete without having some great food and drinks to serve to your guests. This almost always means that your kitchen should be full of food that your guests can indulge in when they arrive. The day of the event, or the day before, you should take a trip to the local store to buy all the ingredients you need to make some foolproof finger food and homemade cocktails. Luckily, many stores also have premade finger food if you don’t have time to cook it yourself. Your home is not a storage solution, but if your kitchen is never short on food, your guests will be leaving with full bellies and smiles on their faces.


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