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Lp Vinyl Have Been Making A Major Comeback

Lately, vinyls have been making a major comeback! I am a big big fan of Lp Vinyl.

Lp Vinyl have been making a major comeback

Home Is Where The Record Player Is

Lp Vinyl something about this brings out this weird nostalgia in me that makes no sense but I love it. I gave into the craze and, I have to admit, there is something special about the sound a record player produces that’s different from anything you’ll hear on your iPhone’s speakers.

Vinyl Never Dies

Lp Vinyl have been making a major comeback | The Good Rogue

But not all vinyls deserve a spot in your collection; here are all the vinyls you should own!

Vinyls That You Should Add to Your Record Collection

Back to Black

Lp Vinyl have been making a major comeback | The Good Rogue

In the midst of battling alcoholism, drug addiction, and eating disorders, Amy Winehouse still managed to produce some of the most beautiful records of the 2000’s. She loved her art and it really shows, especially in “Back to Black”, and deeply personal album for Winehouse.


1          Rehab (Album Version)
2          You Know I’m No Good
3          Me & Mr Jones
4          Just Friends
5          Back To Black
6          Love is a losing game
7          Tears Dry On Their Own
8          Wake up alone
9          Some Unholy War
10        He Can Only Hold Her
11        Addicted

Buena Vista Social Club

Lp Vinyl have been making a major comeback | The Good Rogue

The original Buena Vista Social Club™ album was recorded for World Circuit Records by Ry Cooder and Nick Gold over seven days in Havana in 1996, bringing together many of the great names of the golden age of Cuban music in the 1950s, several of whom were coaxed out of retirement for the sessions.

In Vinyl We Trust

The album was spectacularly reviewed by a few discerning critics, but although their words of praise did Buena Vista’s cause no harm, they cannot explain what subsequently happened.


1          Chan Chan
2          De camino a la verada
3          El cuatro de tula
4          Pueblo neuvo
5          Dos gardenias
6          Y tu que has hecho
7          Veinte anos
8          El carretero
9          Candela
10        Amor de loca juventud
11         Orgullecida
12        Murmullo
13        Buena vista social club
14        La bayamesa

Tips for Taking Care of a Vinyl Record Collection

Taking care of vinyl records does not necessarily come naturally to the people of my generation, but that’s pretty inevitable, considering we were born long after vinyl records went out of print.

  • Unfortunately a big part of taking care of vinyl records is cleaning them regularly.
  • Storing your collection is probably one of the most important factors to consider when taking care of vinyl records.
  • Humidity is a very important aspect to consider when taking care of vinyl records.

AnyBody With A Good Record Collection Will Always Be In Love.

Lp Vinyl have been making a major comeback | The Good Rogue

I don’t know what else is in this room, but if it has stacks upon stacks of records…it’s guaranteed that I will get lost for hours inside.

What’s your favorite vinyl store? My online favorite is definitely Platenhal.

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