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What to Look for When Renting a Loft

What to Look for When Renting a Loft

For anyone currently dipping their toes in the rental market looking for the perfect place to live, there is one trend that seems to really be taking off and growing each and every day. That trend is loft living. It’s taking off in big cities across the country, and the world, offering people a different take on apartment living. A loft is described as a space that is under the roof of another building or house. Now, obviously, depending on the unit you’re looking at, this description can waver. It may just be that the loft features large windows and ceilings giving it the correct feel.

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So, before you head out to look at lofts for rent, you may want to take a few moments and read through these tips on what to look for when renting a loft.

Does it Have the Trademark Wide Open Spaces?

In order for the loft to truly be a loft, it needs to feature wide open spaces. This usually means tall ceilings, walls that may not reach the ceiling, large windows, and an open floor plan. You should be able to walk around and feel the vastness of the space, and no room should feel closed in and confined. Sometimes, lofts are just one big space, meaning there is no partition between the bedroom and living space. This is more personal preference than anything else, though.

Will the Space Meet Your Needs?

Lofts come in a variety of sizes so it’s important you pick one that meets your needs. Will your furniture fit? Will it still feel open and airy once everything is in there? If it is wide open, will that work for your living style? If not, you may want to consider buying privacy screens, partition walls, or large shelving that can act as a divider in the room.

Does the Building Offer Any Shared Amenities?

Sometimes the loft will be one of many units in a building, which can also mean there will be shared amenities. Things such as an exercise room, a rooftop terrace, pool, and a hot tub may be available depending on the building. Keep in mind that these amenities usually come with a monthly fee. Typically, the more amenities a building offers, the higher the fee is.

What About Parking and Laundry Facilities?

Obviously, parking isn’t going to be something everyone cares about, but if you do own a car and plan on keeping it, then you need to know there is a parking spot available. This may be underground parking, rear parking, street parking, or a designated lot. The cost of parking can be included in your monthly rental fee or may be a separate cost.

Laundry facilities should also be factored in. Are they in the individual unit, are there shared facilities in the building, or will you need to look off-site?

Each of these factors will help you in the search for the perfect loft so that you can make an informed decision and pick the unit that works for you.

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