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3 Health Tips for City Living as an Urbanite

You live in the city and deal with the daily commute, air that’s not the purest and stress to get to work on time. Being you is tough at times. We hear you. What you need is some good health tips, so that your body is strong enough to withstand the daily grind.

Here are a handful of health tips to steer you in the right direction.

Bring Your Own Meals to Work

We suggest that you embrace the concept of B.Y.O.B. which translates to bring your own bite. You were hoping that the “B” in B.Y.O.B. stood for beer. Sorry, cannot accommodate you there.

The great thing about preparing your own lunch for work is that you can be as health conscious as you wish to be. Whether you’re vegetarian or fully vegan, or you like a slice of ham smeared with Dijon mustard, a well-planned healthy lunchtime meal will invigorate you for the afternoon ahead. Or, make your work colleague jealous, which is almost as much fun!

If you are a bad at snacking while at work, prepare for the snack attack by packing healthy ones to cover your cravings. This way, you won’t be taking trips to the overpriced convenience store and make yourself vulnerable to the delicious treats that won’t support your healthy eating plan well.

Develop New Friends Who Are Health-Conscious

It doesn’t matter if your friends aren’t really into improving or maintaining a healthy lifestyle because you can always find new ones to support your goals. There are plenty of meetups, Facebook groups and “tweetups” to find like-minded people in your area.

Each group will be interested in different activities. Some will like to go for planned walks in picturesque locations to keep things interesting. Other groups will be more focused on doing the same activity, but raising the activity level to avoid hitting a fitness plateau by continually breaking through them without missing a step. Find the group(s) that interest you and challenge you. Then get started.

If you’re interested in the health field and think you might like to work in it, then you could always look into the online masters in health administration which provides students with improved healthcare knowledge, better management skills, and tools that work well in the healthcare industry. The online EMHA degree is accessible from a laptop or mobile device, so it saves times not having to get to a college campus to attend lectures.

Use a Standing Desk

Some companies are open to providing standing desks for employees who wish to use them. It’s been shown that sitting down for long periods of time is not healthy for the body. A standing desk encourages the body to be more mobile, which avoids the health hazards associated with sitting too long.

However, if you are unable to persuade your boss to let you have a standing desk, then you can always make sure to take regular breaks where you walk around the office to stretch your legs for a few minutes. While other people take a smoking break, you can walk laps around the office instead.

As an urbanite, it’s often seen as difficult to be healthy when you’re busy and running around so much. The truth is, it is difficult, but it’s not impossible. Planning is the best approach to take because just as with taking a healthy meal with you to the office, once you set yourself up right, it’s harder to go wrong.




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