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Wonderful Weddings: How To Plan A Unique Reception


Weddings can be rather similar. However, the truth is that does not have to be the case. On average, weddings cost $30,000 in the US, which is the amount that most of the population earn in a year. It can take years to save for a wedding, which is why when your big day comes around, naturally you want to ensure that it is picture-perfect.


However, what you don’t want is for things to be too similar to every other wedding that your guests have attended. The fact is that most weddings are a little ‘samey’, but just because that is often the case, it does not mean that it has to be. Believe it or not, weddings can be wonderfully unique; it’s just a case of taking the time to get inspired and plan a celebration that is unlike any other.


Love the concept of a unique day but stuck for ideas? Don’t panic – below are some incredible ideas that you can personalize and use for your big day. You can make it special in its own way; it’s just a case of being a little more creative with your planning.


Think outside the box with your entertainment


Every wedding needs music as part of the entertainment on offer, that’s a given. After all, it wouldn’t be a wedding without music being played. However, just because music is an integral part of any wedding reception and is vital for traditions such as the first dance, that doesn’t mean it has to be boring. The more creative you can be with it, the better. Don’t just hire a DJ, look for wedding musicians Chicago that can play live music for you. Do you love a certain type of music? Whether it’s rock n roll, country and western, or pop music, choose a band that can offer you a night packed full of all your favorite songs.


You may have a wedding photographer going around getting natural snaps of your guests, but there are other ways that you can incorporate the wedding photography into your entertainment. Hire a photo booth and some quirky props for your guests to pose with. Or, how about having a personalized Instagram frame made for your guests to hold up and pose in? A hashtag for sharing any photos is also a must – ideally, you want this to combine yours’ and your partner’s names, along with the date, or it can be something fun. Say your partner’s surname is Proudlock, your hashtag could be #ProudlockPutARingOnIt. Get creative and find a fun hashtag to use that is unique to you, and don’t forget to share it with your guests.


Make dancing more fun by getting more creative with the dances that you do. How about hiring a dance teacher to come along and do some dance coaching on your big day? Have your guests learn a new dance or two. Whether you opt to have a dance teacher teach hip hop, ballroom, salsa, or line dancing, it doesn’t matter, just as long as you and your guests have fun.


Along with the obligatory wedding night fireworks, get creative. Have sparklers for the guests to play around with (be mindful of safety, of course.) Have a fire pit put out and offer your guests the chance to roast marshmallows over an open fire before turning them into smores. What could make a better snack them melted marshmallow and chocolate smores?


Get creative with your food


Sit-down meals are a wedding tradition, but just because they are a tradition, that doesn’t mean that they can’t be mixed up a little. How about using speed dating techniques to make things more exciting? After every course, get two people from each table to switch with the table to the right. That way, everyone gets to spend the evening with more than just their table buddies. A round robin system can work incredibly well.


If you want to give your guests the choice of what they eat, then a buffet-style meal could be a great way to do so. The fantastic thing about buffets is that you can choose a theme and stick to it, such as Italian cuisine or gourmet dishes, or you can mix it up and serve a selection of yours’ and your partner’s favorite foods. It’s completely up to you. A word of warning though, if any of your guests have allergies, steer clear of any dishes that contain any allergen that they are allergic to as the cross-contamination risk is just too high.


Are you big fans of pizza? Then how about hiring a pizza van to serve gourmet, personalized pizzas to your guests? Just make sure that there is a gluten-free and vegan option available. Do you love a hog or ram roast? How about having one as your main meal? It might not be a fancy meal, but if it is what you like, then it is the ideal meal to start married life. Get creative with the theme of your wedding breakfast and don’t be afraid to be unique – it’s your big day, and you can serve whatever you want to.


Focus on the fun factor


Do you love cocktails? Then why not allow your guests to create their own cocktails under the watchful eye of your barman or to try one of the special wedding-theme cocktails that he has created. Don’t be afraid to be creative with your cocktails – the more unique they are, the better. What’s more fun than a create-your-own cocktail bar?


For anyone who fancies a break from dancing and drinking, a games area could be a great idea. In the corner of your venue, set up a table or an area with comfortable seats and a selection of classic games, from card games to board games, so that there are plenty of options for people to choose.


The fact is that all weddings are similar because of the traditions included in them, but there are plenty of ways that you can make your big day wonderfully unique.

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