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How to Create Your Garden Getaway This Summer


A lot of people feel glum during winter. For some, it’s the lack of sunlight. For others, it’s the lack of warmth. Either way, human beings collectively feel better when the seasons change. Our health improves, our outlook improves, and at the very least, we don’t have to bundle up on the way to work, only to sweat buckets on whatever public transport option we take on the way to work.


For many, summertime is arguably the happiest time of the year. If not for the warmth and the plethora of fun activities you can do, then for the much-needed Vitamin D. This vitamin, also called the “sunshine vitamin” is made predominately when our skin is exposed to sunlight and is necessary for your body to absorb calcium, which, in turn, promotes bone health, your immune system, and your happiness.


Make the most of your summer by spending time outdoors, particularly in areas surrounded by wildlife. That way not only can you enjoy the temperature and the extra bit of sun (remember, too much exposure is just as bad as none at all) you can get the clean, fresh air you’ve been missing all winter. If you have a backyard or garden, you have it made, but if you don’t have any landscaping done, you’re wasting that space’s potential.


You can make a garden getaway that you can escape to, party in, relax in, and more all summer long. The more beautiful your garden is, the more benefits you and your family will get out of it. Landscaping and designing your backyard doesn’t have to be difficult or beyond your budget, either. In fact, you could do it yourself by following this guide:


  1. Outlining What Your Needs Are

The first step to designing a successful backyard is to ensure that it will have everything that you need. If you have kids or dogs, a large, grassy area is probably needed. If, on the other hand, you plan on entertaining only, you can instead create an entertainment space outlined and enhanced with flora and fauna. Your needs will depend on your lifestyle, the size of your space, and your budget.


  1. Taking into Account the Climate and Location

The second thing you need to consider is the climate, the seasonal weather patterns, and where sun hits your property. This is important not only to decide where to put your outdoor entertainment area, but also when choosing the plant life.


  1. Sketch Out the Basic Design

Once you have this preliminary information, it’s time to sketch out the basic design. There are apps and other programs to help you do this easily, or you can instead sketch one up by hand. To do this, you will first need to measure your property so that you can create an accurate representation of scale. This is crucial not only for planning where things will go, but for also preparing for the cost of materials and construction.


  1. Hardscape First

Once you have your design finalized, it’s time to start the hardscaping. Hardscaping refers to the pathways, frameworks, or patios in your design. In other words, the projects you should hire a contractor for if you don’t have carpentry experience. When hardscaping, you want to not only ensure it is done right, but that it is done up to code. That way you can sell your home a higher value later on without any setbacks.


  1. Adding Storage

Beautiful gardens require maintenance, which is why one of the design elements you need to implement is a storage area. This could either be a place you leave open to add a storage container, or it could be a custom cabin that you can store your lawnmower, gardening tools, and even your outdoor furniture’s cushions.


  1. Prep the Soil

Once you have the hardscaping and storage finished, it’s time to prep the rest of your property. Toiling the soil involves adding organic matter, found either in specially bought soil or by adding compost to the areas set out to be planted. You should also use this time to place a border between your lawn and your newly toiled soil. This border can be enforced with a small garden wall or left naturally, depending on your personal style and needs.


  1. Choosing the Right Plant Species

Plants are not universal, which is why to be safe you should opt for species that can be found locally or species that are recommended by an expert at your local garden nursery. A good tip is to choose a variety of plant life, from evergreen options to flowers that bloom at different points in the season, so that you can have greenery and life throughout the year.


  1. Multi-Purpose Landscaping

If you want to take your outdoor landscaping one step further, add in practical elements. Planting hardy bushes alongside walls that experience cold winter winds can help insulate your home, and planning either a large tree or a sapling that will grow near your home is a great way to cast shade over your roof. These options can be beautiful and functional, and can save you a lot of money on your utility bills.


  1. Tips for Outdoor Furniture

Once you have the basis of your landscaping done, it will be time to add in the furniture. Outdoor furniture, of course, if vastly different to their indoor counterparts. Choose from specialized options like the Sorara outdoor living range, which includes a solar umbrella that will not only shield you from the sun’s heat, but also light up your backyard beautifully at night and allow you to charge your electronics throughout the day.


Other considerations you should make when it comes to choosing outdoor furniture concern its durability. If you cannot remove any fabric from the chair, it doesn’t belong outside. Wicker, cast aluminum, PE wicker, plastic and PVC wicker are all durable and suitable materials for outdoor furniture that can be left outside season after season.


Your backyard can be an oasis that allows you to enjoy summer to its fullest. So plan out your garden project this winter and finally start enjoying your backyard as it should be, out in the sun, enjoying the fresh air and the scent of flowers.

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