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Subtle signs that show your dog truly loves you!

 Dogs have been hanging out with humans for the last thousands of years, and in that long period of time, they have found ways of communicating their love to their masters.

In fact, in recent years, researchers have carried out studies to determine how these animals express their love for their masters.

That being said, perhaps an owner might be curious to know whether his or her dog truly loves them. Here are some telltale signs that a dog truly values and cherishes one as their owner.


Stares at you deeply

The most obvious sign that a dog values its owner is how frequently it stares at him or her.

In fact, such long loving looks have been known to release oxytocin, which is an important hormone that assists mothers to bond intensely with their babies.

However, this doesn’t mean that one should purposely stare into their dogs eyes constantly, as this can unnerve the pet.

One should just let it come naturally during regular routine or while playing with the dog.

Bringing you a toy

Even human beings can attest to this. Sharing is caring, right? So when a dog brings its owner a bone, appreciate the dog instead of scolding it. This only means that the dog considers the owner as part of its family.

Always wanting to sleep with its owner.

It could be 2am at night, and suddenly, one feels the dog snuggling close to them. Rather than sleeping alone, the dog automatically comes to sleep with the owner. This simply means that it truly values them.

Can’t wait to meet the owner when he gets home

A dog’s love for its owner can be truly remarkable. In fact, dogs become extremely excited when they see their owner sauntering into the house after a long day at work. In fact, their loyalty for their owners is unparalleled. Just take a look at this amazing story of a dog that never forgot about its owner!

Being extremely cuddly after a meal

Perhaps one might think that this is just a response after eating. Not at all, if a dog comes and cuddles right next to its owner after eating, it simply means that it loves them.

The dog leans up and presses against them

A dog will at times lean up against their owners as a subtle sign of saying hello and acknowledging one’s presence in the house. This also shows that they trust the owner entirely and have confidence that they will protect him.

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A yawning dog

Unlike humans, yawning for dogs means something entirely different. In fact, most of the times, when the dog yawns around the owner, it is showing a sign of trust and submission. Dogs are thought to have gotten this trait from mimicking human beings as a sign of obedience and respect.

In a nutshell, dogs, just like human beings, have immense love for the people around them. Treat them with love, and they will reward with the same affection.



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