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5 Steps to Kick-starting a Healthier Lifestyle


Getting healthy can be a bit of a challenge. From planning exercise to learning to cook healthier meals, it can quickly become a bit overwhelming. Not to mention that it can be very time-consuming to get into healthier habits, while also keeping on top of work, family and everything else.


The trick is to start easy and then gradually incorporate more and more healthy habits into your life. Below is a list of 5 steps that can get your new and healthier lifestyle off to a good start. Start out with one or two steps, gradually work your way up to 5, and soon you will find that maintaining a healthy lifestyle really is not as difficult as it seems:


  1. Apps galore

Download apps, apps, and more apps! Nowadays you can get apps for almost everything, and a lot of them are even free (or at least very cheap). Have a look at your app store and try out different apps. You can get one for healthy recipes, one for free exercise videos and even an app like MyFitnessPal, which helps you keep track of what you eat.


  1. Do a (beginners) fitness program

Unless you are a fitness-pro, starting off with a fitness program for beginners is a good start to getting both healthier and fitter, while also gaining some fitness-confidence. Whether you sign up for a dance class with a friend or start a running program you have found online; a scheduled fitness activity can help you get into the swing of things. As soon as you know for a fact that you have a fitness class every Tuesday night or your running program demands you run 20 minutes three times a week, it quickly becomes easier to plan the rest of your life around your exercise.


  1. Look out for protein

Have plenty of protein! Remember that you not only get protein from meat and that protein powder is not just for bodybuilders. There are several high protein yogurts to choose from, and you can easily mix your yogurt with protein powders like Supplements NZ and start your day off feeling full and in balance. The fuller your breakfast makes you feel, the less likely you are to snack unnecessarily throughout the day.


  1. Drink loads of water

Drinking water has loads of health benefits. There are plenty of apps that can help you track your water intake, so set yourself the challenge of drinking a certain amount of glasses of water every day for a week and see how you feel by the end of that week.


  1. Find healthy foods that you actually like

Do some research on what healthy foods you enjoy and stock up! Experiment with how you can prepare different vegetables to your liking. You do not have to eat a wide array of vegetables and fruit; if you only like tomatoes and apples, then you should only buy tomatoes and apples. It is much easier to stick to a healthy diet if you actually like the food you are eating.


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