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How to Make Every Day Meaningful


It’s easy to go through life getting caught up in the routine of sleep and work, without having the time to make it meaningful. There is a dangerous misconception that to have a special life, you must be on extravagant vacations, dedicating it to charity, or settled down with a loved one. However, this isn’t the case. If you know how, you can catch sight of how seemingly mundane parts of everyday life are always much more than that. Though a vacation in an exotic country would be nice every now and then, as the saying goes, it’s the small things in life that make it meaningful.


Do something for you

Many people spend their time helping others and doing their bit for charity. Though this can often give meaning to a person’s life, if you give all your time away to other people you won’t have any left for yourself. When you feel stressed, or like there is too much on your plate, it’s a good idea to switch off your phone and do something that makes you happy. Whether this be reading your favorite book, going shopping, or catching up on a television show that you missed out on, it doesn’t matter if it’s something you want to do.


Appreciate nature

Living in the city of the suburbs can be fun, but the noise and high volumes of people make it easy to become overwhelmed. It can also make you lose sight of how relaxing it can be to spend time in nature. This could be on a walk along the seashore or hiking through the countryside in the fall sun. Either way, taking a break from city life will do wonders for both your physical and mental health, and will rejuvenate you when you go back to working in the city.


Learn something new

School wasn’t all rosy for most people, but that shouldn’t put you off learning something new in your spare time if you feel like you need a change in your daily routine. You also don’t need to pursue a qualification to show for, unless you want to take this learning curve and turn it into a new work opportunity. There is a wealth of books, podcasts, and online courses that you can access for cheap or free from the comfort of your own home, which could open your mind to new and exciting possibilities. Popular choices include aromatherapy, history, and even creative writing.


Smile more

You may not be having the best day, especially if the sky is dull and work has dragged on for longer than usual. However, just as faking confidence can help you make it, smiling more will stimulate the release of endorphins to help make you happy. It’s a great tip for staying positive when your life isn’t going the way you’d like, but it will also impact other people’s lives for the better. It can even positively impact your health. You don’t have to be happy to smile, but if you smile at someone who looks under the weather, then you might be adding meaning to their life as you go about your day.


Use your camera

Assuming a regular day doesn’t hold a special moment is an easy trap to fall into, but there are photographers out there such as Michael Grecco who are famed for creating beautiful moments out of the everyday. You can find tips online to help make your photos look as good as possible, but the main thing here is that by taking a photograph of one aspect of your day on a regular basis, you are forced to keep your eyes peeled for unexpectedly great memories. Making this into a habit will give you some amazing moments to smile at in the moment and in the future.


Make the most of what you’ve got

You might not have an abundance of possessions, but part of making life meaningful is realizing that these don’t matter as much as you might think. It is also about turning negative aspects into positive ones. It’s a good idea to remind yourself sometimes that although there are points in life where things might not be going so well, you have had some amazing memories and wonderful people who will help you through hard times. This can be difficult, but it will help add meaning to a day where you can’t seem to find any.


Meet new people

You are never going to meet every interesting person in the world, but you can hear about inspiring, funny, or lesson bearing tales from most people you pass in the street. If you are feeling lonely, or you merely are wishing for something new to happen, research and see if any meetups are happening in your local area. You could even strike up a conversation with someone at the next bar you are in, which could add something to their day, too.


Value friends and family

It’s always fun meeting new people, but the people you have the most special moments with are those closest to you. When you have a full-time job, it can feel nearly impossible to make so much time for everyone. Yet, it’s a great idea to have a catch up whenever you can to help you stay connected to them. Lunch with your mom, cocktails with the girls, or a take-out with your partner can help you relax and make memories at the same time.


Welcome sleep

Some people think that if you sleep too much, you miss out on life as it passes you by. Though this can be true in some cases, you need to be able to have a healthy sleep routine to have enough energy to throw yourself into the next day, and the ones after that. More sleep makes people happier and more relaxed, and it is also one of the best ways to recuperate from times when emotions can become too exhausting. Sleeping an hour earlier every night or napping in the middle of the day at the weekend will help you feel energized and ready to take on what the world has in store for you.

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