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Effortlessly Cool: How to be fashionable and have a stylish home too

When you are a fashion-conscious person, you want style to be laced into every single element of your life, but perhaps the two most important things that need to be bang on trend is your home and, of course, you. To be fashionable means you are able to project an image of yourself and your lifestyle that others will fawn over and seek to emulate in an effort to be as cool as you are. Who can honestly say they wouldn’t want this type of treatment? So, to help you reach the pinnacle of looking great, this guide will give you some simple ideas so that you can always be bang on trend and influencing the people around you.

Welcome to my (not so) humble abode

If you have curated an image of yourself as someone who always keeps up with the latest trends in the fashion world, then you will also want this to be reflected in the way you decorate your home. After all, you don’t want people to come around to visit and in a home that is lifeless and drab. There are simple ways you can add luxury to your home decor that don’t require a lot of effort but will drastically improve the visual aesthetic of where you live. One such idea is to use rugs to easily add color to any and every room of the house. By choosing a high-quality rug that fits in with a stylish color scheme, you will be able to bring everything together. It is also an easy, not to mention cheaper, alternative to getting new carpets and having to endure your house looking like a building site for a week. Another great idea is to add in matching, or at least complementary, soft furnishings to your rooms to make them both cozy and well put together. For example, in your living room, why not dress up your sofa with a silky throw and some accent cushions to add that extra bit of pizazz to your décor?

Look like a boss

When it comes to the way you dress, being able to put together great outfit combinations quickly is a goal you need to strive for. With a busy job and all the responsibilities that come with modern life, it can be all too easy to fall into the trap of wearing the same, boring clothes day in and day out. A wonderful solution to this is to learn how to perfect the 80/20 wardrobe. The 80/20 wardrobe is a way of organizing your clothes and deciding what pieces to buy next based on a simple division of styles. Twenty percent of your closet should be comprised of trendy, fresh off the runway items that add pops of color and patterns to keep your style interesting and eye-catching. The basic rule with this side of your wardrobe division is that every item you buy should be brought because you think it will turn people’s heads and be memorable for all the right reason. As for the other eighty percent of your clothes, these should be timeless, versatile classics that you can pair with anything. Things such as white shirts, skinny jeans, and leather boots are all great choices.

Living like a rock star

Going back to home décor, the key to having a fashionable pad to live in is having statement pieces filtered throughout the place as focal points to plan your rooms around and add some extra interest for the eye. One great idea is to have a beautiful instrument on display, such as a state-of-the-art guitar, to get that edgy rock look, and of course, to play in your spare time. The best way to get your hands on a piece of kit like this is by going to where you will be able to find coupon codes that allow you to get the best product for a fraction of the price.

Another sure-fire way to introduce some luxury to your home is to have fresh flowers dotted around in the windowsills to add some freshness to the space. This is also a fantastic excuse to splash out on some beautiful vases.

The finishing touches

If you want style, then you will need to be on the lookout for some of the best accessories for 2018, which can complement the trendy twenty percent of your wardrobe and act as statement pieces when wearing your classic, versatile clothes. Be on the lookout for structured handbags and small, cat-eye sunglasses that are really in this season.

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