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How to Create a Balanced Outfit For Beautiful Summer Look

If you want to pull your outfits together in a flattering way, there are two things that you must keep in your mind. Firstly dress according to your body type, choose only those outfits that compliment your personality and secondly take care of the proportions. The importance of balanced dressing may often be overlooked, but you can never underestimate it. A balanced outfit does not just mean a well-fitted outfit, as you may wear clothes that fit right, but if you don’t take care of the proportions, your attire will not make you feel confident. Mastering the art of balancing is of utmost importance because it not only helps you match your clothes but also makes you look and feel good.


Once you get the basics of the balance right, you can add more visual interest to your outfits. In style terms, balance means that you can put together different styled pieces in correct proportion to establish an even looking outfit. Take a look at how various features help you learn the fundamentals of harmonizing your outfit.




The key to matching colors is to combine bright, vivid colors with neutral toned down colors. Too much is distracting and negatively attracts attention. So if you want to wear a bright piece, pair it up with a neutral color, for example, if you are wearing a bright colored top pair it up with some dark colored jeans to establish a chic look. Colors are also important for plus size bikini choices and can draw attention and flatter your curves with either bold shades or classic options, be inspired here for perfect swimwear choices.




Harmonizing is about taking two or more different styles and making them work together. The key to balancing patterns is that you must keep the size of the pattern in consideration while matching it with other pieces. Two items of similar sized patterns will camouflage each other, as both patterns will compete for visual attention and end up clashing. Let one pattern speak for itself, and let the other complement it.




Usually, smooth pieces are considered to be more formal whereas rough or coarse pieces are regarded as informal. Playing with textures is a slightly advanced step in creating a balanced outfit usually because the heavily textured pieces are not versatile. To create a good outfit mix, a smooth piece with a rough one follows this with each layer you are wearing. Most people don’t consider their options with texture, but this balance plays a significant role in attracting more visual attention.




Choosing your outfit according to the occasion is a crucial consideration as your clothes dictate where you are going. A formal outfit is not appropriate to be worn in a gym similarly as you can’t wear athletic wear at the office. An office requires you to dress in a formal way, but if you pair up a jacket with some jeans for casual occasions, you can create a dressy look that is not overly stuffy.

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