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4 Sleep Apnea Exercises For Better Quality Sleep


Sleep Apnea is a disorder that has been causing discomfort to so many people recently. It interrupts the sleep very badly accompanies the risk of so many other diseases. It deprives one of his/her peaceful sleep that is much needed for the refreshment of the mind and the body. Therefore, to rescue you from this discomfort, here is a list of a few sleep apnea exercises for you that might prove to be helpful. Most of these exercises target your throat, tongue, palate, and jaw. These are termed as oropharyngeal exercises, which claim to help you.

  • Throat Tiger Yell Exercises:

The exercise of screaming silently is known as tiger yell. It is one of the ideal exercises for working your throat to control sleep apnea. To do this exercise, one just needs to open the mouth wide without necessarily making any noise or yelling. Here, the aim is to strengthen the muscles, which are at the back of the throat. Make sure that your mouth is open as wide as you can until you can lift your uvula. You must keep this position for at least five minutes and then relax.

  • Tongue Slide Exercises:

This sleep apnea exercise helps in strengthen the jaw exercises. You will have to do these for at least 30 minutes regularly to see any change or effect. You must slide your tongue and make an effort to push the tip as far as it will go towards the nose. You should hold your tongue in this position for a few seconds and then relax. You must try to do this exercise at least 10 times during every session. These are one of the most efficient exercises, which make a difference. You may also like to learn about a Cpap Cleaner.

  • Soft palate blowing exercise:

While sleeping, a weak and soft palate can cause sleep apnea by moving in your throat openly. To avoid this, you need to exercise your palate. In this exercise, you just need to close your mouth and breathe in calmly and slowly through your nose. After that, you must press your lips together to create a resistance and then exhale through your mouth.  You need to make sure to extend the exhaling session for at least about five seconds. To experience some relief you should consider doing this exercise at least four times daily.

  • Jaw tension exercise:

This sleep apnea exercise aims to improve the jaw muscles by moving your jaw up and down. You should close your mouth and keep the teeth in close contact. You need to allow your tongue to rest with the tip, which is positioned in front of the upper teeth. After this, try to arch your tongue against the roof of your tongue and slide it up along it, as far as it can get. The tongue must be maintained in that position and then open your mouth slowly until the tongue is no longer touching its roof.

Hence, you must have taken note of all these exercises which can help to reduce your pain and provide you with relief.

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