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What Your Living Room’s Missing

What Your Living Room’s Missing

Decorating a home is a tough job. There are so many moving parts to think about and consider when you’re making updates. You have to remember to do what you like at the end of the day. It’s your home and you want to make sure you’re comfortable and happy where you live.

One room that deserves extra attention is the living room. It’s a great spot to unwind after a long day or visit with friends. It’s important you have it just the way you want it. Think about ways to enhance the appearance, and design it with a trendier edge. See what your living room’s missing.

Area Rug

If you have hardwood floors in your living room, it’s smart to throw down a beautiful area rug. Use it for warmth, texture and to add color to the room. It’ll feel great under your feet and help cut down on any echo in the room. They come in all sorts of styles, colors and textures, so make sure you look around for the perfect solution before buying one.



You have to have the right furniture in your living room, since it’s where you go to relax. One idea is to make a statement with a Stressless Jazz chair. It’s stylish, comfortable and comes in a wide variety of colors. It’s a modern, sleek design with soft curves, elegant lines and striking stainless steel accents. As you recline, you’ll discover the patented Plus™ and Glide systems responding to your body’s every movement, and adjusting naturally to provide optimal support. All that’s left to do is kick back and turn on the television.


You want to give yourself lighting options in your living room. Have enough lighting possibilities so you can turn them on bright if you’re talking or dim them down if you’re watching a movie. Bring in lamps and candles to help set the mood. Do it right, because lighting matters a great deal in one of the main rooms of your home.


Fill any blank or empty walls with beautiful and colorful artwork. Choose pieces that standout on their own and are eye-catching when you walk into the room. Have a variety of pictures but be careful not to overdo it. Create a tasteful collage with some of your favorite images and light up the room.



Include living and fake plants throughout the space to make it feel more like home. Their green color and beautiful, fresh smells will enhance the entire atmosphere. Add additional décor pieces and vases to complement the plants. Decorating the space will be the final touches and then you’ll be able to enjoy your newly decorated living room.



Enhancing the look of your home takes time. Start with a main space and work your way around the house. Capture what’s lost and set a goal to implement upgrades that make it look so much better. This is what your living room’s missing and how to update it.

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