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5 Tips for Organizing an Excellent Sports Party

When the playoffs are getting heated and your favorite team is scheduled to do battle with their toughest rival, you may understandably get the urge to throw an epic sports party to celebrate the much-anticipated event. Usually, the game will provide enough excitement to satisfy your guests, but there’s always a chance that a blowout or crushing defeat could make the match itself less enjoyable. Fortunately, by heeding the flowing five tips you can make sure your party is popping regardless of the outcome of the game.

1.     Focus on Food First

When you think of a sports party, one of the first things that probably comes to mind is a buffet-style line up of chips & dip, snacks, and ice-cold beverages. Indeed, good food is a mandatory prerequisite for any worthwhile party, so this should be the first aspect you take care of during the planning and organizing process. Blogs like Reasons to Skip the Housework offer interesting and up-to-date ideas for cooking, decorating, and celebrating, so you may want to do some research there if you’re in need of some culinary or decorative inspiration.

2.     Consider Multiple Displays

Now that your guests will be arriving to a scrumptious roster of ready-to-eat deliciousness, the actual watching of the game becomes the most important focus point. Although gathering around a huge TV or projector is the typical approach, consider the benefits of having a few auxiliary displays playing the game in other areas. For example, you may want to mount a TV/monitor in the kitchen/food area, the patio/porch/deck, the hallway, and maybe even the bathroom if you really want to ensure nobody misses a moment of the action.

3.     Halftime Activities

Sure, you could just leave the halftime break to basic discussion and socializing but having planned activities will make things so much more interesting. Luckily, if you’re completely clueless in this regard, you’ll be pleased to find that there’s no shortage of blog posts offering halftime activity ideas.

4.     Post-Game Games

By the time the game is over, most of your guests should be a in a pretty playful mood, and even if your team lost, you can still have some fun to wrap the party up. Concluding the party with group games and challenges is an ideal way to keep the festivities going.

5.     Start the Party Early

One final tip to make sure your party becomes all that it can be – schedule the party to start at least 1-2 hours before the game. Since most televised playoff broadcasts have a pre-game show that starts about an hour before the game, this is a good time for people to be able to eat and speculate about what will happen.

Turning a Typical Playoff Game into a Party to Remember

It doesn’t necessarily have to be the final championship game to throw a great party. If you can only arrange your schedule to allow for a party on the day of a regular playoff game, heeding the tips above will give it the boost it needs to feel like a bonafide Superbowl/World Cup/Finals/World Series level celebration.

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