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What You Should and Should Not Eat Prior to Donating Blood


Donating blood is considered to be one of the noblest tasks which benefit the society as a whole. If you want to work for the people of the society and do something good, then donating blood would be actually one of the best possible ways to do so. However, you should make sure that the one who is taking blood is a trained person. It is quite essential that a good phlebotomist should be taking the blood so as to avoid any kinds of complications or difficulties during the complete process. You should also keep in mind the foods to eat and what all to avoid before you go for donating blood.

Foods that you should eat

It is very important to eat the following foods before you are going to donate blood. Any phlebotomist will agree to the importance of these foods. You can also find your school to get trained in blood collection and get ample knowledge about the process.

Iron Rich Foods

Iron is one of the most important minerals of the human body which is used by the body for making haemoglobin. Therefore, it is quite important to consume iron rich foods before donating blood to help you with the extra storage of iron in the body. This is because donating blood results in loss of iron from the body and hence replenishing the loss is essential. You can go for meats, poultry products, shellfishes, eggs, and so on.

Vitamin C

Consumption of iron rich foods or products increases the levels of iron in the body but at the same time vitamin C will help the body for better absorption of iron. Hence, consuming the products rich in vitamin C is crucial before donating blood. Taking citrus fruits, mango, papaya, blueberries, etc. before donating blood will help your body get sufficient amount of vitamin C.


About fifty percent of the blood is made up of water and this is the reason why you should be staying fully hydrated before you donate blood. It is to be kept in mind that the body loses fluids during the process of donating blood which leads to pressure drop and dizziness. To avoid this, you need to drink more water before donating blood.

Foods that you should avoid

You should make sure that you avoid the below mentioned foods while you are going to donate blood.


It is recommended to avoid alcohol before donating blood since alcohol dehydrates the body which might lead to a sudden drop in the blood pressure during the process of donating blood. Hence, it is best to avoid alcohol.

Iron Blockers

It is quite essential to avoid all foods and beverages that reduce the capacity of the body to absorb iron on the day of blood donation. It is better to avoid tea, coffee, milk, cheese, yoghurt, chocolate etc.

Now, you have a clear idea as to what all you should take and what all should be strictly avoided before you are going for blood donation. So, go ahead, donate blood, and be a responsible citizen.


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