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5 Ways to Make Yourself Feel Great

There is always so much pressure to conform to society: to look a certain way, behave a certain way, get married, have kids and so the list goes on; but how about doing things just for you? Do you ever sit back and wonder when it’ll be time for you to take priority? Here are 5 ways for you to put yourself as number one.

  1. Education

You may have left school a long time ago, but you are never too old to learn. Perhaps you want to make a complete career change to one that fulfils you in a way that your current role doesn’t, or maybe you want to take a course that is purely for fun such as aromatherapy. The educational world is your oyster, and the good news? It is now more accessible than ever. Look into online courses that you can complete without impacting your other commitments.

  1. Exercise

Apart from the physical benefits of exercise which are so well documented, exercise can benefit you mentally too. The natural mood boosting qualities of the endorphins that are released through vigorous exercise will elevate your ability to think clearer, improves your memory, and even can help kick depression and anxiety to the curb.

  1. Appearance

While how you feel about your appearance can be shaped by societal pressures, it can also be shaped by your innate feelings. You may have a feature that has caused you anxiety and even distress for years, and even though your loved ones assure you that it is ok, you feel very differently about it. Your insecurities can finally be put to rest, and you can replenish your self esteem by addressing the issue head on. While it may feel extreme to visit a plastic surgeon, treatments have advanced and now you can achieve the look you have always wanted but without the obvious tell-tale signs left by the procedures of the past. Just make sure that you choose a reputable surgeon such as Dr Elizabeth Whitaker at Atlanta Face and Body, who has numerous qualifications and credentials.

  1. Girls holiday

Spending time with your girlfriends is essential to maintain your feelings of wellbeing. Of course, it can feel like a military operation just to leave the house, but as soon as you drive away from home, you will be able to put those memories behind you and focus on having a blast. You may not be able to stay away for too long, but even a night away can restore you. Laughter is the best medicine, and having time with your friends gives you time to be you, and not just X’s mom or Y’s wife.

  1. Pamper

The level of pampering that you are able to commit to depends on your budget. You may not be able to afford a full spa experience, but having a long soak in the bath, and being able to watch a film of your choice with a box of chocolates and a glass of wine, is a cheaper alternative but equally restorative – even for just a few hours.

Failing to put your needs on your to-do list can lead to physical and mental fatigue. We all need something to kickstart our personalities, and rediscover who we are and what we want. Whether you find your mojo through completing a course, or running a marathon, not only will you benefit, but your nearest and dearest will too, as you become the person you always intended to be and approach life with a new vigor.

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