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Was Your Diabetes Left Untreated?

There are two main types of diabetes, type 1 and type 2. Type 1 diabetes is an autoimmune condition, which put simply means that your body attacks healthy cells in error, in this case the cells in your pancreas. Once damaged, your pancreas cannot produce the insulin it needs to move glucose from your bloodstream into your other cells. They do not get the energy that normally the glucose gives them for rejuvenation, and this can result in lethargy and tiredness. It is not known what causes the body to attack the cells in the pancreas, but this condition does tend to run in some families, so there could be hereditary factors involved.

Type 1 diabetes cannot be cured, but treatment and diet can control the blood sugar levels, with regular insulin injections often being part of the answer. It is not unusual for this condition to manifest itself in young children, and by the time they reach their teenage years they are taking insulin injections daily.

Type 2 diabetes is far more common than type 1. It tends to be diagnosed in people that are overweight, or as they get older. If you visit your doctor and tell them you are suffering from feeling very thirsty all the time, need to pass urine more often than usual particularly at night, are getting tired very easily and that you are losing weight or muscle bulk, they should know that there is at least a possibility you have diabetes and should test you for it. Left untreated, diabetes will get progressively worse.

There is a third type of diabetes that only affects pregnant women, but this one tends to disappear as soon as the baby has been born.

Complications of Diabetes

Serious long-term health problems can result from diabetes, if it is left untreated. It can be the cause of vision loss, kidney failure and cardiovascular diseases such as strokes and heart attacks. People have lost limbs because they did not receive the diabetes treatment they needed in time. If your doctor has failed to diagnose your diabetes, and it can be proved that it has become worse because of a lack of treatment and guidance, you should contact professionals about making a medical negligence claim for compensation.

Although type 2 is manageable with strict diet control and exercise, medical negligence lawyers have had to deal with cases that were not diagnosed when they should have been. How can you take control of your life style to suit diabetes if you do not know that you have it in the first place? It only takes a simple blood test to find out if you are diabetic.

How Can You Help Your Diabetes?

Assuming your doctor carries out the test and diagnoses diabetes, there are some things you can do to reduce the risk of complications. Eating healthily is the most important factor. As well as exercise, only drinking alcohol in moderation and stopping smoking can help. Many type 2 sufferers will end up with tablets and sometimes insulin injections, but in a lot of cases, if they had known earlier they had this disease, they might have been able to take preventative steps, and delay the medication stages.

Medical negligence claims UK take into account these sorts of things, and how the rest of your life has been affected because of medical malpractice.

No Win No Fee Medical Negligence Solicitors

No win no fee allows you to use the best medical negligence solicitors without worrying about the cost of their legal fees. Every innocent medical negligence victim should have the same opportunity to claim the compensation they are entitled to, no matter how good or bad their bank balance might be. If you qualify to make a no win no fee medical negligence claim, you will not have to pay your legal team any money to start the work, or pay any legal fees if your claim should not prove to be successful.

You can find out more about how this system works by calling and having a chat to an expert. Websites such as enable you to start your claim online free of any obligation or pressure to proceed. Simply click the “start your claim” button and fill out the form!

Medical negligence claims can take quite a while to finalise, so the sooner you get in touch with us the better. Research shows that the sooner a claim is started, the more chance it has of being a success. It is thought this is because events are fresher in everyone’s minds, so evidence is more readily accepted. You only have three years to get your claim started, and that time will soon fly by. If you have been mistreated or misdiagnosed by your health professional, get in touch with a professional today and get your claim off the ground.

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