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Positive Ways To Curb Your Loneliness

There’s nothing to be ashamed about if you’re feeling lonely. Accept the fact that you are, so that you can take action and make it better. Try to discover where the lonesomeness is stemming from, and why you’re feeling this way.

After exploring the idea further, make a pact with yourself that you’re going to discover options for feeling better about the situation. Sitting around doing nothing isn’t going to heal your wounds. Realize that you have a lot to offer and are missing out on life by sitting around waiting for opportunities to come to you. See positive ways to curb your loneliness.

Start Dating

If you’re single, now’s the perfect time to start dating. Put yourself out there and see where the relationships go. Don’t worry so much about finding the perfect mate at this time. Enjoy the other person’s company and conversation. If you’re not ready to date other people, but want to be social, then go on a solo date to a restaurant or coffee shop. Being out and about will likely put you in a better mood and have you feeling more connected to others. Don’t be afraid to make eye contact and start conversing with friendly people you meet while you’re out.

Get A Pet

Adopt a cute, furry friend to help you get through this lonely time in your life. Pets are a great way to ease your anxiety and experience unconditional love. Do your homework and research different breeds because each will have different temperaments, energy levels and looks. Be sure to take your pet to the vet annually and protect your pet from pests with Advecta. They’re more work than you may think, so be sure you’re ready for the responsibility and not simply wanting to be entertained for a few nights.

Find A Hobby

This is the right time in your life to find a new hobby. There are a lot of options out there for you to try, so don’t be shy. Play in a sports league, join a yoga class or learn more about gardening. Whatever you choose, make sure it’s a social gathering or event that occurs so that you can meet other people. Solo hobbies are nice too, but this is your chance to get out and connect with individuals who have similar interests to you. This will make it easy to start a conversation and learn more about each other.


Volunteering is a nice solution because you’re not only benefiting from it by being social in the community, but your recipients will be grateful for your generous assistance. Pick a cause that you care deeply about and go by yourself with the hopes that you’ll be interacting with other people. Keep in mind that these contacts always have the potential to turn into deeper relationships as time goes on. Volunteer on a regular basis, so you have the chance to get to know others better. In addition, focus on who you’re helping and understanding their needs better. This is also an opportunity to find someone who you really connect with and can come back and help consistently through your volunteer efforts.


Be spontaneous and take off on a trip someplace you’ve wanted to go. Bring a friend or go alone. Either way, explore, observe and appreciate the destination and all it has to offer. Relax and unwind, while you tour around and eat new foods you can’t get at home. You’ll be so busy and engrossed in your travels that you won’t have time to think about if you’re lonely or not. If you have the funds, often go as a way to keep yourself feeling positive and happy. Coming home has the possibility to trigger some loneliness, but when this happens, go through pictures from the trip or call a family member to discuss your vacation.

Read A Good Book or Watch A Movie

Entertain yourself right at home by reading a good fiction book or watching your favorite movie. This way you don’t even have to leave the comfort of your own home, but can still feel connected and less isolated. Make your much-loved snack and curl up to enjoy and let out a few laughs. Although you don’t want to engage in too much television watching, it’s a refreshing activity that has the ability to curb loneliness when it’s a show you adore.


Exercising instantly gets your mind off any thoughts of loneliness and will have you more focused on what you’re doing in the moment. To make it less isolating, go to the gym, take a workout class or sign up to run a race and train with others. Working out will reduce stress and lift your mood, so you’ll be feeling pretty good after a long sweat session. Exercising each day also helps keep you busy and on a schedule, so you’re not sitting around feeling bad for yourself. This is one activity that you should do each day to better manage your being alone.

Begin A Gratitude Journal

Gratitude is an excellent tool for taking the focus off of yourself and what you don’t have, and making it more about your blessings. Start a gratitude journal and write in it as many times as you want per day to get your mind in a positive place. Review what you’re thankful for and add to the list as you feel necessary. You’ll start to see that your entire life doesn’t revolve around you being lonely and that you have a lot of qualities to offer and people who love you. A journal is also helpful for writing down your feelings and getting whatever’s bothering you off of your chest.


There’s nothing wrong with admitting you’re lonely or unhappy. Try to get to a place where you can help yourself through it, instead of sitting around and sulking. Stay focused on what truly matters most and all of your individual talents. These are positive ways to curb your loneliness.

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