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Planning The Perfect Bachelorette Party

Getting married is one of the most major experiences life can throw at you. There are excitement and emotion to come, but before the big day, a more pressing event in the calendar is the Bachelorette Party. Whether it is yours, or a close friends’, it will be a celebration with your nearest and dearest, and planning a bachelorette that is memorable, original and special to you and your group is a top priority. The date is set, and the announcement feels like a distant memory; as planning commences, here are some suggestions and ideas to help plan the perfect party.



Bachelorette on a Budget

Nowadays, ideas and merchandise for the perfect bachelorette party are available at the touch of a button. Bachelorette Party’s can be as small, or as extravagant as necessary; it is the time spent with loved ones that matters the most. If your budget is on the smaller scale, options for throwing the perfect Bachelorette are not in short supply. An evening in with wine and games can be the perfect package, with DIY games and download packs available online to help give the bride the perfect send-off.

Sushi Making

For those who are thinking of planning a few activities at home, sushi making might be the ideal addition to the Bachelorette. It’s hands-on, fun, and you’re learning something new. As more people are choosing other alternatives instead of spending the day and night out on the town, sushi making could be the perfect option – not forgetting that you will have a buffet of delicious home-made goods by the end of the session!


Weddings can be exciting but understandably are also a stressful time. An option to relax and forget those wedding nerves can be a most welcome addition to any Bachelorette Party. Looking into options for a spa day or spa treatment could prove perfect for the bride and those celebrating with her. A spa day or treatment can be included in a long weekend or planned as the main event. Serenity Spa Massage Folsom, CA is a good place to start for inspiration and ideas.


In the most recent years, glamping has become a mainstream pastime and holiday option. It is ideal for those who are not a fan of the potential trials and tribulations of camping. With various options regarding location, facilities, and lengths of stay, glamping could provide a weekend away to remember; offering tranquillity, luxury, and a calming getaway before the big day.

A bachelorette party can be as extravagant, or as simple, as you would like; with good planning, and fun ideas, anything is possible. Whether you spend an afternoon at home or go ‘all-out’ with a week away, the options are endless. Discussing options always helps, and regardless, with their loved ones with them to prepare for the special day, the bachelorette will be happy whatever you decide to do. The most important thing to remember is to enjoy every aspect; it is a celebration, after all.


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