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Why scooters are the must have item

Why scooters are the must have item


Scooters have been around in various forms for years, and whatever decade you grew up in, you probably had a scooter or knew kids that had scooters and played on theirs. Scooters were always a popular choice because they were so easy to ride and also didn’t cost as much as the ‘must have’ bike of the time. Scooters have made a real comeback in recent years, and it is not just the kids that are out enjoying themselves on them, adults are getting in on the act too.


So, what is it that makes scooters so great?


  1. Great for Work


Scooters are becoming increasingly popular with people catching public transport to get to work. People are getting tired of trying to get onto a crowded train with a bicycle, and those fold up bikes are actually not very easy to carry around. Scooters can be folded and easily carried without taking up a lot of room, so you won’t get glared at by your fellow passengers for catching them with a stray pedal.


  1. They’re Fun


Okay, so we’ve gone through the practical reasons to get a scooter but do you know what? They are actually really fun to use. They are also much easier and safer than riding a bike and easier to maintain – you’re not going to be stuck at the side of the road with a flat tyre! Riding a scooter is surprisingly enjoyable, and you don’t need high levels of stamina either. Also, it’s a great way to look stylish, young and carefree, as if you lived a bohemian lifestyle.


  1. Great Exercise


You can ride at whichever pace suits you, but because you are continually pushing off the ground, you are getting a really good workout for your lower body. If you alternate the legs that you are using, you can get a better all over leg workout.


Also, if you don’t really have time to fit a full workout into your daily routine, travelling to places by scooter can give you all of the exercise you need. Those short car journeys or bus journeys could easily be done by scooter, and you will soon start to see the fitness benefits as you start to do it more regularly.


  1. More Than a Hobby


Scooters are becoming much more than a hobby. Sure, they may be great getting to and from work or as a form of exercise, but scootering as a major competitive sport is increasing in popularity due to the increase of coverage the sport is getting: there are more competitions, and thanks to social media, a bigger community. With skateboarding and surfing becoming an Olympic sport, what’s to say scootering can’t? Therefore, if you wish to become a scootering professional, offers a range of Blunt Envy Scooters which are great for competition as they are a solid, well-built scooter option, which are hugely popular due to their responsiveness and strength; therefore, perfect for those aspiring to complete some stunting tricks.


  1. To Stay Young


Regardless of how old you are, riding a scooter takes you back to your younger years and given the huge popularity of scooters right now, you will be right on trend. Stay young and cool with your scooter riding skills – you could even learn some great tricks to impress everybody with.

Why scooters are the must have item


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