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7 Top Tips For Making Your Home Smell Great

There is something special about the smell of home. You can probably still remember the smell and how distinctive it was of your grandma’s house from when you were a kid. Those sorts of smells trigger good memories, taking us back to happier times.

That’s why a pleasant smelling home is always a happier home. Which might get you wondering, how can you create a homely scent in your own property? There are actually plenty of ways to achieve it, ranging from eliminating odors to baking in the kitchen.

To get you started, here are seven top tips for making your home smell great.

Put your candles in the right places

The effect that fragrant candles can have on the scent of a home isn’t exactly a secret – that’s why the candle industry is worth around $101.9 million a year in the US alone. What can make a real difference though is where you place your candles. Think outside the box – where are they most needed? You don’t necessarily need to light them for them to fragrant the area around them, so why not put unlit candles in your linen closet or other areas where fabrics that can absorb the scent are kept?

Fill your home with flowers and plants

Sweet smelling flowers are great at improving the smell of your home, but unless you take steps to prevent flowers from dying, they don’t tend to last for longer than seven days. Plants have a much longer shelf life with species such as geraniums, jasmine and eucalyptus being as fragrant as most flowers. Plants also help improve the air quality of our homes which is not only good news for how they smell, but also for our general wellbeing.

Get your drains cleaned

Whenever we wash something away down the sink, we’re sending particles into an often narrow and hard to navigate system of pipes. These particles can build up, leading to lingering smells coming from our plumbing systems. By ensuring that your sewers are receiving regular drain cleaning through a reputable company such as Morey PHC, you can help to eliminate any nasty smells which will lead to a much more pleasant smelling home.

Get baking

You’ve probably heard that if you’re trying to sell your home, the smell of newly baked bread will make it more appealing to a potential buyer. That’s because nothing beats the aroma of homemade, baked goods. Whether it’s the smell of cinnamon rolls, chocolate cookies or banana bread, the smell of good old fashioned home cooking is one of the most pleasant you can create.

Simmer water on the stove

If baking isn’t your thing, then there is another way to use your stove to create a pleasant smell – you can easily get a fragrant smell permeating every room of your home through the use of vapor. Because of the way in which vapor rises into the air and spreads, if you boil a saucepan of hot water on your stove and throw in some fragrant ingredients such as citrus slices, lavender or mint, then the sweet scent it creates will spread throughout the house.

Make scent-filled jars

Scent-filled jars are a similar idea to simmering water on the stove, except the jars can go into any room in your house. You simply take a mason jar and fill it up with some pleasant smelling choice ingredients similar to those used on the stove – cinnamon, dried apples, those sorts of things. When you want to release the beautiful smell contained within into the room, just add hot water and the vapor will spread around the whole house. Once you’ve mastered the art of making scent-filled jars for yourself, they can make great and easy gifts for others as well.

Create a pleasant smelling refrigerator

Given all the food substances that a refrigerator harbors and the potential for them to go off or be spilled, it’s no surprise that your ice box can be responsible for some of the most grotesque smells in the home. Once a fridge reaches a certain point in it’s life, then cleaning alone won’t remove that smell as the plastic it is made from has absorbed too many of the odors. If you don’t want to replace an otherwise well-working fridge, then you can use vanilla to alleviate the problem. Place a few cotton balls in a bowl and add vanilla extract before finding a space in your fridge for the bowl to go. The vanilla will take the smell away – all you have to do is change the bowl every couple of weeks.



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