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4 Unexpected Injuries At Work

Occupational accidents, otherwise known as workplace injuries are accidents that can take place either on the way to work or home or simply in the premises of the workplace. These kinds of accidents are unexpected, and most of the time they cause serious injuries. When these accidents happen, the worker or the colleagues should immediately report it to their supervisor and ask for medical help. Severe injuries are difficult to avoid even though they are very unpleasant and cause bad problems. In any case, it is fundamental to be familiar with your workplace’s emergency plan and know where the closest emergency exits are situated. This can save your life in some cases. Other times, people suffer from unexpected work injuries at work such as workplace stress or repetitive motion injury and that requires a different approach.

Repetitive Motion Injury

Although this is not an obvious workplace injury, it can still be very unpleasant in the long run. This type of workplace injury happens as a result of repeating the same motions over and over. Typing or using the computer for long periods of time can cause vision problems, strain muscles, or even generate the carpal tunnel syndrome. People who work in a warehouse and lift boxes all day long can also be exposed to chronic back pain. If you’re a victim of repetitive strain injury, you could contact The Compensation Experts and try to find out more about getting a possible compensation.

Workplace Stress

Stress is everywhere these days. For that matter, it is impossible not to mention the major risks that it has. While some stress is easily manageable, it can easily become an issue if it’s ongoing. Workplace stress often occurs when there is a mismatch between your role and your capabilities or when there is too much work to complete in a short period of time. It can cause anxiety and even depression. Prolonged job stress can be avoided by reducing multitasking, taking breaks or even opting for a different kind of job.

Overexertion Injuries

These are another type of uncommon workplace accidents that are related to lifting, pushing, carrying, holding or pulling. Thus, these workplace injuries can depend from worker to worker. The injury is closely related to the worker’s capabilities, as well as the task that they had to perform. As a result, people might have to miss days, weeks and sometimes months before they can return to work. Besides seeking immediate medical attention, one should also report the incident and file a claim if necessary.

Machine Entanglement

Entanglement injuries can happen if the worker is working closely to a machine and if their loose clothing, hair or jewelry gets caught in the rotating machine. These types of accidents can take place in plants, factories or agricultural settings. As not all employees realize the potential risk, it is critical to respect a few simple rules such as not wearing loose clothing, tying hair up, removing jewelry and turning off the machine when cleaning or inspecting it.

Training, wearing proper safety equipment and common sense can reduce workplace injuries, but that is not enough when it comes to worker’s safety on their way back home. Though, education can make a great difference.

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