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5 Ways to Personalize Your Work Space

There are few careers that do not involve a desk or an office space. These spaces are places where we spend most of our time, and sometimes they can be downright dull. If you are looking to personalize your own work space, here are five ideas to help you.


A wide variety of studies have shown that plants can both help reduce stress and keep the air clean. While a large tree might not fit in your space, a small plant like a succulent or a fern can give your work space a unique and clean feeling. When considering adding a small plant to your work space, however, be sure to make sure that none of your coworkers have allergies to any small plants. Avoid those to be kind to your officemates.


The office is usually thought of as a clean, sterile, and beige place, where everything is sleek and shiny. If you are looking to make your work space more personal, a good place to begin is by adding colorful touches to your desk. This can be art or accessories, but it will help you show your unique sense of style while giving you a cozier feeling in your work space.


Along with color, the way that you organize your workspace is a wonderful way to personalize your workspace. Some people use a complex set of file folders, while others prefer baskets. Whatever your style is, there are plenty of options. Whether you are trying to personalize the organizational system of your desk or your locker, websites like can offer helpful step-by-step instructions to create the space you need.


The accessories that you choose for your desk and work space can reveal a lot about you, and can be a wonderful way for your personality to shine through your work station. Do you have googly eyes on your stapler or a fun pencil sharpener? Put them on your desk and liven the place up. There are also other accessories that are less quirky, but just as fun. The accessories that you have at your desk can be high-tech and fun, and as long as they are still functional, they are a wonderful way to personalize your desk.

Art and Collectibles

A small selection of something that you collect can be a fun way to make your work space truly your own. Whether a small collection of figurines or pictures of your favorite bike, there are plenty of ways to personalize the space you spend so much time in. Art is another way to allow your personality to shine through your workspace. These can be art projects that you purchased, things drawn by yourself or loved ones, and even include photos of you and your loved ones.

From art and colors to accessories and organizational style, there are several different things that you can do to make your work space cozier. These details help you personalize your workspace, and make this place, where you spend so much time, less sterile and empty.

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