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4 Ways To Overcome Being The Shy One                                          

It’s not fun when you’re known as the person who doesn’t talk much and is in the corner by themselves. Being shy is a hard way to live, but you don’t have to hide any longer. There are a variety of tactics which will help you come out of your shell and allow you to say what’s on your mind.

If you’re someone who’s sick of feeling sheltered and shunned, this is your chance to prove everyone wrong. You have a voice and an opportunity to use it once you build up your confidence. Therefore, it’s time to get excited about all you can be and do once you feel less worried about what others think and you’re not as self-conscious.

Know your Strengths

It’s a good idea to first focus on all your strengths. Everyone has individual strengths, but you need to recognize what they are and how to use them. Consider if you’re good at writing, sports or excel at your job. Let these activities and talents lead you to believe in yourself no matter what situation you’re in or who you’re talking to. Keep working at what you’re good at and put your energy into seeing all you do is right.

Challenge yourself

It’s a good idea to continue to challenge yourself even if it feels uncomfortable. For example, volunteer to lead a project at work or coach a sports team. If you decide to become a sports coach, then make it more fun by ordering patches for the entire team from patches4less to put on everyone’s shirts. You’ll feel like part of a team and will now have a purpose, which is to lead your players to victory. Doing an act like this will show you care and you’ll start to feel like you can make a difference in other people’s lives even though you may struggle with your confidence.

Practice Conversing in Smaller Groups

What’s going to help you open up and become less shy is to practice conversing and sharing your ideas in smaller groups. Have conversations with a few people at a time until you feel more confident and ready to speak up in larger groups. You can do this at work, with your friends and your family. This is what’s going to help you find your voice when you’re in a situation that’s more intimidating.

Accept who you are

Stop labeling yourself and start being who you truly are. When you’re relaxed and comfortable, you can shine and be your best self. Being a little reserved once in a while is okay. However, you need to understand that there’s nothing wrong with you and being more vocal is simply a goal you have that means a lot to you. Not being shy isn’t about changing yourself or reinventing who you are. Instead, it’s a process that involves building self-confidence and you emerging out of your shell, so you don’t have to live in fear or angst.


Unfortunately, it’s not easy changing and transforming when you’ve been set in your ways for so long. However, give these tips a shot, and you’ll soon notice the positive outcomes that you experience. No matter what happens, always remember to be yourself.


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