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Want The Perfect Summer Body and Complexion?


Summer is the time of year when all you truly want to do is get outside and make the most of the sun, spend hours sunbathing by the pool and drink your fill of seasonal sugary cocktails or punches. However, failing to look after your skin and stay hydrated could cause serious, lasting damage to your body and complexion. Not only do you risk having a breakout or spots in the short term, but also in the longer term you could even suffer from sunspots and premature wrinkles that will age your face quickly. It is easy to take care of yourself during the summer months, while still being able to have fun and enjoy sporadic plans. From keeping hydrated to changing your makeup and skin regime, these top tips will ensure that you can enjoy the best of the season without causing lasting damage to your face or figure.


Wear sunscreen

First, if you are not already using sunscreen on your face or a moisturizer that has some level of SPF, then you need to rethink how you care for your skin during the summer months. All too often, we prefer pursuing a golden glow or a tan over caring for the delicate skin around our eyes or on our face. If you have very sensitive skin or have a fair complexion, then be sure to choose a sunscreen with an SPF of 30 and above. Remember, if you are out and about, working out or swimming, then be sure to reapply your sunscreen. Even while you are at work, it is crucial that you choose a foundation or a moisturizer that offers some level of protection. Sunscreen will keep your skin looking youthful and provides an extra level of care from the damaging sun’s rays.


Stay hydrated

If you find it tricky to drink enough water or prefer to fill up on sodas or juice, then its time to ditch the sugar and up your fluid and water levels. During the warm weather, your skin may appear wrinkled and puckered, making you look tired and haggard. So, if you are not drinking around one to two liters of water each day, then it is up to you to explore different ways to up your fluid levels. Not only will water benefit your skin and complexion, but it is also vital to ensure that your body can complete all of the daily tasks that it needs to complete to function. If you want to avoid suffering from headaches and severe constipation, not to mention finding it difficult to swallow or even suffering from joint aches and pains, then you need to ensure that you drink enough water and stay hydrated. Try carrying a bottle with you at all times, and if you find water dull, then chop up some cucumber and lemon for a refreshing and tasty way to keep your body hydrated.


Eat well

If you usually see the summer as a time of year to eat whatever you like, then think again this year. You will still need to eat a balanced and fiber-rich diet if you want to have a summer body and complexion that will be the envy of all your friends. There is no reason why you cannot explore summer recipes that are both healthy and tasty. Load up your plate with a variety of seasonal vegetables, fruit, and salads, so that you can enjoy the best of whatever local produce is on offer in your area. If you are vegetarian, try to cut down on the amount of processed food and cheese that you eat, as these all contain hidden calories. If you are trying to slim down, then you can still enjoy a variety of lean protein sources and fish, such as chicken, seafood and even steak in moderation. Finally, there is no reason why you need to deny yourself a few treats now and again, but just make sure that you do not go overboard when it comes to the amount of ice cream that you eat after each meal or the sugary cocktails that you enjoy with your friends. Remember, that moderation is key. Eating well is the ideal way to boost your energy levels, keep your weight in check and improve your overall mood and complexion.


Have a health check

If you are trying to look after your body this summer, then it may be time to book in for a summer health and overall checkup, in particular, if you cannot remember the last time that you visited the doctor. During a routine appointment, you can take the opportunity to discuss any aches, pains or symptoms that you are worried about, that could be affecting your overall health. Your doctor or local health practitioner may even ask you how much alcohol you drink on a daily basis, or whether you smoke or have any other unhealthy habits that could be affecting your health negatively. If you are new to vaping, then sites such as Soupwire provide support and tips. If you are keen to get your overall health and wellness on track this summer, then make sure that you visit your local health practitioner for a checkup, and stop putting this vital step off.


Summer is the time of year when it is all too easy to let your daily routine fall by the wayside. You will need to ensure that you apply enough sunscreen or rethink your makeup so that you protect your complexion. Remember to drink enough water, and remain hydrated so that you avoid having headaches and continue to have a bright and subtle glow. Try eating a balanced diet and enjoy having treats in moderation. Finally, make sure that you book in to see your doctor or a local health practitioner to check that your body is summer ready. By making a few small changes, you will be able to make the most of the warmer months and benefit from a golden glow all year round.

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