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How To Harness The Power Of Your Outgoing Personality

Don’t let anyone ever tell you that it’s bad if you’re a bubbly person. Everyone’s special in their own way, and it’s up to you to embrace your unique personality traits and characteristics. It’d be silly to let it go to waste and not use it to your advantage.

Accept who you are and begin loving the fact that you’re outgoing and someone people enjoy being around. Be comfortable in your own skin and let your true colors shine through whenever possible. People like a person who’s authentic and they know they can trust. See how to harness the power of your outgoing personality.

Find A Job that Plays to your Strengths

You have the potential to succeed and go very far in your career if you find the right job. People can’t help but notice you, and you’ll likely be up for that next promotion if you play your cards right. Choose a position in sales or that requires you to participate in numerous public speaking engagements. It’s not likely you’ll be of much use sitting behind a desk crunching numbers all day. You’ll want to be in a job that allows you to get out and meet people and publically showcase your skills on a regular basis.

Let Loose in A Positive Manner

When you’re outgoing, it’s easy to get caught up in the hoopla and wanting to be center of attention. Channel your energy in a positive manner by skydiving or going out dancing. Stand out by choosing a fancy and attractive outfit from that speaks to your personality. It’s their passion to serve women and men who wish to have an enchanted evening by providing products that amplify the sexy in us all. There’s no harm in going out dancing and wearing your favorite club wear attire. You’ll likely be the one with the best dance moves getting others to get out on the floor.

Build & Develop Relationships

Although you’re good at meeting a lot of different people, it won’t do you much good unless you can take it a step future. Use your outgoing personality to build and develop relationships no matter where you are. Remember names and be the first to address someone who you know when you see them. These relationships will come in handy when you’re in a pinch at work or need help dropping your kids off at practice. You’ll likely meet a lot of interesting people, who some of them you might even be able to call your friend one day.

Exercise on A Regular Basis

You’re likely someone who has a lot of energy to burn at all times. Make sure you’re consistent about getting exercise and burning calories each day. Keep it interesting by finding various activities that allow you to break a sweat, depending on your mood. Try weightlifting, yoga or going for a long run. The key is to make exercise a part of your healthy lifestyle regimen. You’ll sleep better and won’t feel all wound up in the evening when it’s time for bed. Find a friend to help keep you accountable for fitting exercise into your busy schedule.

Keep A Calendar

Being outgoing means that you’re always going to be saying yes to activities and busy with some sort of obligation. The easiest way to help you manage your responsibilities and extracurricular activities is to use a calendar. Write down every single event, so you know what’s happening at all times and don’t miss out on any special happenings. This will give you a bird’s eye view of how much you’re involved in and if you need to start cutting back. You also need time for you and taking care of your health. You risk overdoing it when you’re outgoing. Unfortunately, you’re the one to suffer in the end, so be cognizant of this.

Be A Good Friend

You’re obviously a people person and are likely to have a lot of friends. This is your opportunity to embrace this fact and be a good friend to those who you’re connected to. People look up to you and admire your tenacity. You’re someone who others view as having a positive outlook and will choose to go to in a time of need. Do what’s in your power to give friends your undivided attention and build trust with them. There will be times when you’re going to be the one who needs support and having good friends to call will be a nice option to have.

Take on A Leadership Role Outside of Work

This is one area where you have the potential to shine and make a difference. Use your outgoingness to help you succeed and feel fulfilled in other areas of your life. Coach a team or volunteer for a local charity. Donating your time to others and using your natural energy to lead is a great use of your strengths. You’d likely be bored without any other responsibilities outside of your job, so it’s a great fit. You’ll meet even more people and will continue to learn and grow in your new role.

Host Parties & Events

It’s likely you’re someone who likes to have fun and engage with others. Don’t miss your calling to host parties and events. Volunteer to plan and prepare for various occasions that arise either at work or in your personal life. This is a great way to channel your extra energy and be able to see all of your hard work in action on the day of the event. Even if you don’t know exactly how to throw a party, you’ll quickly learn and are likely to be excited to embrace a new challenge. Co-host with someone else if you want to take it slow and do it right the first time.

Teach your Kids what you Know

Pass down your advice and what you’ve experienced in life to your kids. Teach them about communication, efficiency, decision making and tips for making new friends. It’s not that they need to be just like you, but it’s probable they may share similar traits and will find your guidance useful. You’ve done and seen a lot and can offer them some insights into what life’s like. Be there for them as they grow and mature into young adults.

Assist with Awkward Situations

Take pride in the fact that you can navigate almost any strange social situation. People will want you at their meeting or get together because you’ll be able to break the ice easily. Know that you’ll probably be invited to a lot of social gatherings due to your outgoing personality. Enjoy the ride and use it as a chance to mingle with new people and get out of the house. Accept the challenge and show up at various events ready to talk and initiate conversations that people in the corner are trying to avoid at all costs.

Travel the World

You’re not someone who’s afraid of new situations, which means you should consider world travel as a hobby. Think of all the people you’ll meet and wonderful sights you’ll see. You won’t need to worry about being nervous because your personality will immediately start shining through once you land at your destination. You won’t let a few obstacles get in your way of having a marvelous time. Use this as your opportunity to learn, discover and engage with people and places that are outside of your normal routine.

Set Goals

Since you’re not someone who’s likely to sit around waiting for your next big break, it’s a good idea to set goals. These objectives will motivate you to take action and naturally you won’t be able to stop until you’ve conquered them all. Multitasking is your middle name, and this is a positive way to get ahead and move in the right direction. Put your goals where you can see them, so you stay on track and don’t let any distractions get in your way. Goal setting will allow you to focus your attention on areas of your life that matter to you the most.

Balance Work & Home Life

Balancing work and home life is all about being able to multitask, which shouldn’t be too difficult for you. Use your outgoing nature to set boundaries no matter where you are and speak up about your needs. You shouldn’t be afraid to communicate your preferences to others and tell them the limits on your time and energy. Ask to work from home if it’s easier for you and discuss with your spouse how they can help when you’re at work.


There’s nothing to be ashamed of if you’re someone who is assertive and a little in your face. It’s all about how you use your openness and interact with others that matters. Remember to take care of yourself too and not let your high energy get in the way of your self-care rituals. This is how to harness the power of your outgoing personality.

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