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The Best Morning and Night Routines That’ll Start Your Day Right

Time is the greatest asset that you have, which is why it is important that your time is spent in a way that brings maximum benefit to you. We are all guilty of procrastinating and wasting time trying to decide on how we should spend it – it’s a vicious cycle that delays you achieving success.

To help you accomplish what you need to do, here are the best morning and night routines that’ll start your day right so that you achieve your goals – no matter what they are!


Before you go to sleep at night, make a list of the tasks that you need to complete the following day. These are the non-negotiable tasks that you must complete. You will invariably do other things too, but by prioritizing these tasks you will be able to start the day knowing what needs to be done, rather than starting the day with brain fog and losing time trying to navigate through it.

Think about where you need to go the next day and arrange your clothes for the following day (after you’ve checked the weather). This will buy you valuable time in the morning and makes it one less thing that you need to think about.

Stay away from tech

Planning means that you won’t need to check your smartphone first thing in the morning. If you plan your day the night before, you are training yourself to be proactive rather than reactive which creates feelings of defense and panic. Staying away from technology for the first 60 minutes of being away allows you to live in the moment and develop a positive focus for the day based on what needs to be done instead of what hasn’t been done.

Be screen free for the hour before bedtime. The screens disrupt your body’s natural circadian rhythm – its ability to distinguish between daylight waking and nighttime. Instead, read a book or meditate to relax your body and prepare it for sleep.

Get ready

By spending time on your appearance, you are adding value to how you perceive yourself – you are demonstrating self-respect. Have a shower, brush your teeth, use your lotions and apply makeup if necessary. Start the day dressing to impress yourself. You will benefit from increased self-esteem and confidence that will stay with you all throughout the day.

At night time, do the same in reverse. Get ready for bed by washing away the day and preparing for a good night’s sleep. Your beauty regimen correlates with your wellbeing regimen, so look after your skin with beneficial products that will restore and rejuvenate you while you sleep. Grieshaber Dermatology provide expert advice and products that are designed to replenish your skin, so you reach your full potential. Choose products that are tailored to your requirements.

By developing strong morning and nighttime routines, you will find that you have more control over how the day ahead progresses. Spending time on your self-care and grooming, you can project to the world, and most importantly to yourself, that you are confident and self-assured. While you can’t control other people, by planning and allowing yourself time to focus, you are in a greater position to achieve your daily and long-term goals.


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