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Celebrating This Summer? How to Stay Safe & Well


The desire for many people, young, old, male and female, to stay at home and not go out too often to enjoy a night on the town can be overwhelming. Even traveling to another country can fill us with fear. While there is no doubt that things can be quite scary, especially if you’re young, on your own or female, is it really any different than a couple of decades ago? Being a little wary of walking or traveling at night and enjoying a celebration shouldn’t mean you have to stay at home. Worrying about language barriers, different customs and cultures shouldn’t prevent you from exploring other countries either. There are many ways you can be better prepared and stay safe while having fun.


Choose Where You Stay Carefully On Holiday

You might decide to celebrate this summer a long way from home, meaning you’ll need to find somewhere to stay, so choose wisely. Ensure you research your destination and take note of any specific travel advice before finding the perfect accommodation. Once on holiday, leave an itinerary with someone you trust and make sure you check in with them on a regular basis. Furthermore, take a photo of your passport on your phone to keep a copy, just in case you lose the original.


Try Not to Travel Alone

It’s not always going to be possible, but if you can, try to travel in groups, especially if walking around a city late at night. Plan where you’re going and let someone know where you are and how you’ll be getting there. Traveling on holiday with friends or in a group is going to be much safer.


Limit Your Alcohol Consumption

The temptation when you’re celebrating is to enjoy the flowing alcohol. However, drinking can have both positive and negative effects on yourself, your physical and mental well-being, and other party goers. Young women are particularly vulnerable when out drinking alone. Always buy your own drinks, never put them down and never get in a car with someone who has been drinking.


Ensure You Get Enough Sleep

Getting enough sleep is an important consideration at any time of the year, but even more so during summertime when you want to be enjoying yourself. Ensuring you get enough quality sleep means you’ll always be prepared and not miss out on any of the action because you’re too tired or exhausted to join in. You’ll also feel much fitter and ready to tackle the next activities planned.


Protection from the Sun

There are many countries where the sun doesn’t shine all day. Residents of the UK, for example, feel very fortunate if it stays shining for a couple of days in a row. For those who aren’t accustomed to the heat, it can be very overpowering, and not forgetting; the suns rays can be very damaging. Sun protection is vital, and that includes UV factor creams and lotions and sunglasses too. Keeping yourself hydrated is vital when the temperatures are soaring. It won’t take long before you’re unable to carry on if you don’t take care of your fluid levels. Luckily, for those who need some extra help with their hydration, Reset IV provides specially designed IV drips to have you feel back to your best, especially after a long weekend of partying in the sunshine.


Being prepared and taking a few simple precautions will greatly reduce the chances of anything going wrong this summer, so don’t put off celebrating because it is possible to stay safe and well.




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