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Top Tips For Planning A Summer Wedding

Most couples dream of tying the knot during the summer months. You can rely on warm, balmy temperatures, plus you have the chance to wear the flowing dress of your dreams and host your reception outdoors. However, planning and hosting a summer wedding brings with it a range of different challenges and issues for you to factor in, to ensure that your guests remain feeling happy and looked after. Soaring temperatures can not only affect your buffet but may cause problems for your guests. It’s also important to make sure that you look immaculate and do not suffer a wardrobe malfunction, for example. If you are keen to hold a summer wedding, then be sure to keep these top tips to hand.


No bride wants a wardrobe malfunction, so make sure that you plan your makeup and outfit choices so that you can layer up or strip down dependant on the weather. Choose powder make up for a slightly more matt finish so that you do not look sweaty or shiny in your summer wedding photos. When the temperatures soar, be sure to choose a hairstyle that keeps your hair out of your eyes and face. Be sure to consider you bridesmaids too, as they will also be suffering in the heat. Finally, make sure that you choose dresses that are made from cotton or more natural materials, that will not crinkle or crease up in the heat. Linen is a definite no, as this will wrinkle up fast, meaning that your photos will need some serious photoshop edits. Make sure that you book a professional photography such as Curtis Wallace, who will help you to edit your photography portfolio. Be sure to plan how to stay cool in the heat.

Start later in the day

Soaring temperatures can make even the most calm of wedding guests begin to lose their cool, so if you are keen to get married in the summer months, then you will also need to put back the time that your ceremony begins. You could choose sunset or later in the day for your church service and offer your guests a lighter spread rather than a sit down meal. Make sure that you have sunscreen and bug repellent to hand also, in particular if your entertainment is planned to kick off outside and last well into the small hours. Finally, make sure that your summer reception offers plenty to drink, and have water and soft alternatives to hand to balance out those alcoholic cocktails.

A summer wedding is a truly magical affair, but you need to plan in advance to ensure that everyone enjoys the day and stays cool. Plan your reception to begin towards sunset and offer a lighter spread, with lots of water and soft drinks to help guests keep cool. Make sure that you consider your own wardrobe choices, and opt for matt makeup and an up hairstyle to help you stay cool. Finally, do not forget to offer enough bug repellent and sunscreen to help keep your entire reception party protected and prepared to help you celebrate all night long.


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