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Tips to choose make-up brushes

Choosing the right brush is not just about applying the makeup with ease but also about using it correctly. Therefore, whenever you plan to buy your brushes, make sure you invest in the perfect ones. Find the right tips to get the best makeup brushes through this post and enjoy more efficient and flawless texture for your skin. Do remember that great makeup brushes can be a little expensive, but they are worth the money as these are highly durable. Also, these brushes incorporate the finest of materials.

  1. Choose brushes with natural bristles

Brushes with natural bristles have cuticle just like the hair we have. It grabs the pigment nicely and applies wherever needed. They are softest and fluffiest of brushes that you will ever have. No matter it is a bit costly, it is worth the quality.

  1. Pick and buy individually

There are so many brushes in different sizes to perform different functioning. Therefore, always choose your brush according to the need you have. For example, you might need a large powder brush, a fluffy one for highlighting and bronzing, a fingertip-sized brush for eyebrow and a small brush for smudging. Therefore, choose each of them individually according to the aesthetics you want to meet. You cannot randomly select an assortment that does not even fulfill the makeup needs you have.

  1. Buy the best otherwise don’t

If you plan to buy; buy the best. You cannot just compromise the pleasure of applying makeup by purchasing an ordinary set of make brushes. While buying, make sure you have checked them for life, maintenance and application. Also, make sure that you have purchased them from a reliable source like Trend Gem. A blind buy will be a waste of money!

  1. Test before actually paying prices

You cannot let anything come in contact with your soft and supple skin. Therefore, every time you buy brushed, test them for quality and then pay the price. First of all, choose all-natural bristles; secondly, dab them in water, clean them and rinse thoroughly. Use a paper to blot them and observe if they dry quickly or not.

  1. Always consider opinions of successful make-up artists

Being a newbie in the makeup is a new experience after all. However, if you have an expert trainer to back you, it would be good. Therefore, before actually buying brushed, listen to what make-up experts say. They can guide you about the selection of right bristles, right shape, and size. Also, as they have years of working experience in the makeup industry, they would help you bring the confidence of choosing that is right for you.

  1. Challenge the basics and buy as per your need

In the market, there is generally a simple brush available for both blemishes as well as for under eyes. However, you do not need to go with the basics. You can buy brush according to the need you have. For example, you can use two different brushed for under eye and blemished. Choose a brush that is 1 ½ inch wide for under eyes and a tiny and pointed brush for blemishes.


Lastly, makeup is something that uplifts your confidence; you cannot afford to lose your faith by choosing average-quality makeup tools.










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