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How to Move Forward After a Life-Altering Event

Life is forever throwing up events that have the potential to alter an individual’s course of existence entirely. A seemingly innocuous fall in the supermarket can lead to months or even years of physical troubles, a breakup can completely change somebody’s way of living, and a bad decision on one person’s part can set off a train of consequences that impact many others. Quite simply, anything could happen to you at any time, and that something could alter the direction of your life forever.

After such an event, it is important not wallow in what has happened. You have to move forward, regardless of how different everything may now be. To see how to go about moving forward after a life-altering event, including tips on how to deal with a number of such events specifically, make sure to read on.

Accept help whenever it is offered

You’re not going to be able to deal with the next stage of your life if you don’t accept help whenever it is offered. This is because you will have 101 things to sort out to give yourself the best chance possible of setting up a great quality of life for yourself going forward. Only when you accept assistance will you realistically be able to deal with all the tasks and obstacles that come your way.

Being involved in a car accident is a specific life-altering event in which the acceptance of assistance is undeniably pivotal. By not accepting help from a number of different professionals at such a time, you would make things much harder for yourself. Not only that, but you would struggle to get back to a normal life quickly, which would subsequently result in the drawing out of your problems.

It’s not just medical professionals that you should be turning to when you’re involved in a car accident, as you’re also going to need to be getting in touch with a personal injury lawyer. As detailed on this website, such a lawyer would help you to fight for your rights and any compensation that you may be owed as a result of your accident, whether it is in regards to medical bills or even loss of pay if you had to take time off work for a period. Having such help by your side would help you to alleviate and share the stress of making sure your finances are in order. It would mean that you would be able to focus on the most important tasks of all, getting better and moving forward with your life.

Know that it’s okay to be emotional

Especially if you are a male and you live by any preconceived misconceptions about what it takes to be a ‘man,’ you should know that it’s okay to be emotional after you’ve gone through a life-altering event. In fact, it’s healthy to be emotional at such a time, as it will help you to make your troubles real. Only when they are real can you deal with them proactively.

You shouldn’t allow yourself to become too emotional, however. It’s okay to feel angry or upset at what has happened, but only for a short while. If you allow such emotions to linger, they will fester, and when they fester, they will distract from the tasks you have in hand in regards to moving on and finding new happiness in life. A healthy thing to do is to allow yourself set times to think and worry about what it is you are feeling. You should also never allow your inner thoughts and troubles to come alive when you are getting on with your day-to-day tasks.

Learn how to adapt

Your life-altering event will change you in one way or another, that cannot be denied. By denying this, you will hold yourself back from adapting, and you’re only going to be able to continue living a fruitful life if you allow yourself to adapt.

To learn how to modify your actions in any way that your new situation dictates, you’re going to have to throw yourself into positions where accepting the different demands of your life is a necessary task. This is because necessity is the cause of all great changes. The human race had a necessity to see in the dark, which is why lightbulbs were created. You’re only going to adapt to your new obstacles by finding out what it takes to deal with them, so you can’t hide away from any challenges that come your way.

In regards to the event of a breakup, especially if it was particularly difficult to get through or if you were with your ex-partner for a long period of time, you simply have to get yourself back out there. Doing this is the only way you’re going to get used to being an individual again. It is also the only way you are going to find out whether you are a person that actually needs a companion in life or not.

Understand that you can still grow, just in a different way

After your life-altering event, you will continue to grow, just in a different kind of way. You may not be able to do something that you’ve always been able to do, such as move freely if you were injured in an accident, but this doesn’t mean that there aren’t other areas of life that you can’t focus on and grow into. You may have dissimilar abilities, but you still have the ability to find new purposes and sectors to find future success in.


If you ever find yourself impacted by a life-altering event, be it for better or worse, you have to face and accept the situation for what it is. By doing that, which involves sourcing and accepting help, knowing that it’s okay to be emotional, learning how to adapt, and understanding who you are now and what you can do in the future, you will be able to move forward with your life. Importantly, just remember that, regardless of what has happened to you, you’re still you.

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