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How to Get Your Flat Ready for End of Tenancy

If you are moving out of your flat, it must be left as you found it and the landlord may ask you to ensure it is clean to stop them charging you for a deep clean. It is easiest to clean once you have moved your stuff out and if you are living in a small apartment, this can be done in a day. Your contract should stipulate just how clean you need to leave your flat, so ensure you check this before you begin. Here are a few things to remember when getting your flat ready for an end of tenancy.


Ensure that all your cupboards and drawers are empty and clean each one to remove any crumbs and debris. Only leave anything that already came with the kitchen and give away or throw anything that you do not want to keep. One thing many occupiers forget to clean is the washing machine, which can build up a lot of grime with use. The oven may be the hardest to clean and we are all guilty of letting our ovens build up dirt. If this seems like too much of a difficult task to get cleaned, it may be worth hiring After cleaning the fridge, ensure that you leave it open and switched off to stop mould from growing.

The Living Room

The living room is a lot simpler than the kitchen as there aren’t many appliances that can get as dirty. What you mostly need to tackle in the living room is any dust and the upholstery and carpets. If you have brought in your own sofas, this makes it easier if they have become stained. If you have stained a carpet or rug that came with the apartment, there are plenty of stain removers that you can purchase from supermarkets or you may wish to take it to the dry cleaners. It is cheaper to get it cleaned than to have to replace it. Remember to polish everything once you have finished cleaning to give it that clean, fresh look.

The Bathroom

Wipe everything down to remove any stains, this includes the tiles. One thing many people may forget is the drains. If your drain has become clogged up with hair and does not drain properly, drain remover is a great and easy way to get rid of anything that is clogging your drain. Remove any limescale from taps and the shower head with a limescale remover. Vinegar and lemon works just as well if you wish to save on pennies. Remember any windows and on top of any lights that may be above the mirror.

If tackling your apartment on your own seems like a hassle, it may be worth hiring a company to do it for you to ensure that you don’t get charged a fee for leaving anything dirty or not cleaned properly. Following this check list can help you do it yourself, don’t forget walls and curtains.

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