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Top Tips for Getting Fit and Healthy for Summer


Whether you want to shape up and get more toned, or are trying to slim down and look your best for the vacation of a lifetime, the summer months mean that you may feel under even more pressure to get fit and healthy – in particular if you have been hibernating all winter. When it comes to getting fitter, you need to remember that any weight loss journey or self-improvement will take time and dedication so that you can reach your overall goals. It is far better to set an achievable time frame so that you keep the weight off that you lose, rather than crash dieting and putting back on any unwanted pounds as soon as the weather turns.


If you are looking to get fit and healthy for summer, then it is important that you work out why you want to make any long-lasting changes. If you are trying to lose weight, then take before and after photos and put them in an obvious place to keep you motivated, such as on the door of your refrigerator. If you are trying to tone up for a vacation, then be sure to give yourself plenty of time. The more weeks that you have on the side, the more likely that you are likely to stick to your goals – and you will have more time to recover and get back on track if you slip up.


Set yourself a training plan

If you are trying to get fit and healthy for summer, then it is vital that you have a training plan to follow and a series of routines that you can use during the weeks that remain until your big event. Following a program will enable you to reach your goals and track your progress, plus it will also give you a clear indication of what is working for your body type and which exercises or routines do not deliver the results that you are after. Consider setting yourself a series of basic fitness challenges – such as completing a series of burpees and press ups or holding the plank for a given period of time – and see if you can improve on this after a few weeks. Be sure to incorporate stretching into your routine too, to ensure that your muscles have time to repair and relax between your workouts too. Finally, if you are trying to make sure that your entire family gets fit and healthy in time for the warmer months, then ensure that you include them in your fitness program also. From taking a walk in the park, enjoying a jog in your lunchtime or even hiking in your favorite local, national park, these are all ways that you can enjoy time in the great outdoors while getting up, active and making the most of the summer weather in the process.


Change your eating habits

You may be putting the hours and time in at the gym, but if you are not fueling your body with the right amount of nutrients and vitamins that you need, then you will not see an overall improvement or change in your physique. When it comes to losing weight, believe it or not, you need to up your protein levels so that you can provide your muscles with the fuel that they need to repair and grow while reducing your overall body fat levels at the same time. Try not to pay attention to the number on the scales either, as remember that lean muscle actually weighs more than fat – meaning you may be heavier but in better shape. Try to consume organic or grass-fed meat, such as chicken and steak, in moderation. Be sure to incorporate some fish into your diet also, as this is an ideal low-fat source of protein. Fill your plate with a huge variety of leafy greens and seasonal produce that will provide your body with the vitamins and minerals that it needs to help keep you functioning and to fill you up at mealtimes. Try experimenting with a variety of low-fat and seasonal recipes to keep you feeling full and motivated to stick to your diet. Be sure to keep yourself adequately hydrated also, by sipping on water and keeping a water bottle full of filtered water to hand at all times. Water is vital not only for your internal organs but it also provides your cells and internal systems with the fluid that they need to ensure your body can recover after your workouts and repair any areas that have been damaged or worked hard during your time at the gym.


A helping hand

Finally, consider cosmetic or fat loss surgery procedures to give you an extra boost to reach your weight loss and body improvement goals. Companies such as skin md offer a range of cosmetic and laser treatment programs. If you are looking to give yourself a final boost, then cosmetic enhancements and procedures could be the ideal way to get yourself ready and fit in time for your fabulous summer.


If you are looking to get fit, lose weight and even tone up, then the summer is the ideal season in which to make the most of the weather and start to work towards your overall health and fitness goals. Be sure to keep before and after photos to hand, and make sure that you give yourself plenty of time to reach your goals. Begin by following a training routine and experiment with different kinds of exercise to see which workout works best for your body type. Next, be sure to give your diet some attention and try to up your protein levels. Do not forget to keep yourself hydrated also, so that your muscles can repair and regrow between your workouts. Finally consider cosmetic procedures and laser treatment to give yourself a final boost, so that you look and feel your best in time for the long hot summer. Remember that losing weight or getting fit will take time, so approach it as a lifestyle change rather than a quick fix.

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