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4 Ways Forensic Nurses Can Beautify Their Hands

4 Ways Forensic Nurses Can Beautify Their Hands

When you consider the amount of antibacterial soap, hand sanitizer, and latex glove residue that ends up on the hands of medical professionals after a shift, it’s surprising that they have any hydration left in their skin. Repeatedly washing your hands is tough on your skin and likely to make it dry and chapped. Online DNP program forensic nursing graduates should begin pampering their hands while they’re learning about how to look for clues that could solve crimes. Dealing with this type of work can sometimes be stressful, so they will feel better if their hands are smoother and more attractive. These four ways that forensic nursing professionals can treat their hands will leave their skin feeling beautiful and healthier.

1. Night-time Hand Glove Treatments

The skin on your hands feels hydrated after covering them with lotion. You can amplify the effect by sliding on some soft cotton gloves right before you go to sleep. The skin on your fingers and palms will be plumper, smoother and softer, and your cuticle beds will also get more moisture.

2. Get a Professional Manicure

Sitting back and painting your own nails can make your nails look prettier, at least for a couple of days. On the other hand, DNP online degree holders who have more than just a single coat of varnish on their nails may even have healthier hands. Go to get a professional manicure so that your cuticles get cut back and treated, your nails are painted and protected, and all signs of stress are massaged out of your hands.

3. Take Hair and Nail Vitamins

Want your nails to grow strong and stay intact as you examine evidence and fill out charts? Include skin, hair, and nail vitamins into your regimen so that your face remains glowing and your nails are solid as a rock. If you prefer not to take a vitamin, you can just increase your calcium intake until your nails are stronger and growing like weeds.

4. Try Paraffin Wax

Everyone doesn’t enjoy the same salon services and techniques, but paraffin wax treatments are really essential for soft and beautiful looking hands. They can melt away the pain as the hot wax is applied on your hands and left to sit and penetrate the skin. By the time the wax is pulled off, your hands will not look the same anymore. Use paraffin wax on your hands at home or the salon to make them look younger and to feel more comfortable as you use your hands in the lab.

Forensic nurses wear comfortable shoes and treat their feet well because they spend a lot of time on their feet. They pull their hair back or put it up in a neat bun so that their locks don’t get in the way of procedures. It goes without saying that proper oral hygiene makes things more pleasant for doctors, nurses, and patients alike. Sometimes hands just don’t get enough attention. Try these methods to make your hands look pretty, feel more relaxed and capable of getting through long days filled with tedious work.




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