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4 Interior Trends to Follow this Year


Thinking of renovating your interior décor this year? Want to keep track of the latest fashion trends when it comes to the home? Although your home will be around for much longer than the current interior trends, fashionable décor can help to give you exciting inspiration behind how to decorate and update your home, and the best ways in which to make use of the space that you have.

  1. Glamor and Luxury

Nowadays, we all want to be celebrities, and this is reflected in the current home designs, where luxurious and high-quality furnishings are at the height of fashion. To follow this trend for the glamorous lifestyle, you should invest in high-quality furnishings and additions such as velvet cushions and throws, which can add a sense of luxury to any room regardless of the furniture or space.

You should also think about renovating the furniture in your bedroom and kitchen to include marble tabletops and tiles, while your curtains can enjoy the glamor of materials such as taffeta and silk. If you are looking to add a sprinkle of glamor to your room through your furniture, Interior designers, Charleston such as Deguise Home can help you to create your perfect home, with a range of high-quality and beautiful furnishings to complement your home’s style.

  1. Forget Minimalism

Minimalism has been a giant trend in recent years, with many celebrity influencers opting for neutral colors and simple home design. However, minimalism is now a product of the past, and interior designers are now looking forward to the gifts of clutter, with many homeowners now opting for a maxed out space full of ornaments, bright colors, and soft furnishings. To enjoy this trend for the bright and bold, you should display the ornaments that you have brought back from your travels or collected from your birthday rather than let them sit in a box collecting dust. Invest in patterned rugs and throws to put over your furniture, and buy cushions and tapestries that can help to add a sprinkle of personality to your room.

  1. Indoor Plants and Nature

With the cactus boom on Instagram and social media, and the greater awareness that we have of the environment, more and more people are choosing to open their homes to nature through investing in indoor plants and hanging baskets. Not only do indoor plants have amazing health benefits to the homeowner, but they can also help to add an air of wildness and nature to your home. If you do not have the space for plants, you can promote nature differently through the popular leaf, palm and floral designs that are dominating the market in terms of bedding, soft furnishings, and even wallpaper.

  1. Sustainable Décor

The proliferation of environmental sustainability has also led to a growth in sustainable décor. Many people are choosing to redecorate their rooms with solely biodegradable materials such as wood and bamboo, using eco-friendly paint, and deciding on swaps such as LED lightbulbs.

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