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4 Great Ways To Get Your Confidence Back

There are many reasons why our self-confidence can be knocked, and we can feel less sure of ourselves in daily life. It could be that we’ve suffered a setback in love, or at work. Perhaps grief has diminished us, or maybe we just feel that nothing we can do is right. Having confidence and feeling good about yourself is the first step to turning your life around, so it’s essential to try to get it back once it is lost. Some of these great ways to get your confidence back should help you.


Use Your Comfort Zone

Everyone has somewhere, or something that they feel is their ‘comfort zone’. It’s the place where they are most happy, where they can be themselves and relax. It’s the place where you should be when you feel that your confidence is low. It could be anywhere; it could be doing anything. You might want to cook and eat a wonderful meal. You might enjoy sitting in silence with a good book. Perhaps it’s going to a specific location and looking at the view. Whatever works for you is what you should do. Once there, you can let your mind be calm, and you may find that you feel better about things straight away. If not, this is the place where you can allow yourself to come up with new ideas so that you can move forward.


Change Your Look

If it is how you look that is making you feel less confident, then changing that look could be the answer. If you are overweight and don’t enjoy it, then join a gym class or work out at home if that is easier. If you think that a new clothing style will help, go for it, you could even ask in the store for some ideas of what would suit you. You might consider a new hairstyle or even something like Botox or a non-surgical facelift from Dr. Aaron Kosins. Perhaps you could even try a new type of makeup. There are many minor things that you can do that can make a huge difference in how you see yourself, and how much self-confidence you have.



It may sound strange but smiling (and meaning it if you possibly can) does give you a feeling of confidence. It is possibly down to how other people perceive someone who is smiling; they treat them differently to those who are frowning, for example. A smile can go a long way and take you a lot further than many other things combined. As your day goes on, you’ll find that smiling becomes a lot easier because you’re feeling better about yourself.


Be Mindful

Being mindful means fully living in the present. It means not concerning yourself with what is about to happen, and not worrying about what has already happened. You can’t change the past, and the future is impossible to predict, so the present is all that matters. Being mindful also means appreciating everything around you. It will help you to change perspective. Yes, something may have happened that knocked your confidence, but look at the blue sky or the wind-blown leaves. Life is good.

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