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4 Ways To Deep Clean Your Home


No matter what your reason for wanting to give your home a good deep clean, it is certainly something that needs to be done at least once (if not twice) every year. Weekly dusting and vacuuming is good, but it won’t go as deep as you need to if you want a home that’s free of germs and dirt. Here are some ways to get your deep cleaning done in an effective, practical way.



Before you start your deep clean, you’re going to need to be able to get to the surface and nooks and crannies that really need to be cleansed. That could mean you will need to declutter your home so that you can really make a good job of things. Firstly, remove anything that doesn’t belong in the room you’re cleaning and put it where it needs to be; it’s so easy to leave things in the wrong place and then get used to it being there! Next, remove anything that you no longer want. You can hold a garage sale or donate the items to charity if they are in good condition.


Decluttering will help you to clean, but it will also give you a good start to the cleaning process; once you see clear looking surfaces, you’ll want to keep going.


Clean Your Windows

Your windows are probably the part of your home that gets left out most of the time when it comes to cleaning, but once they are sparkling it will make such a difference, you’ll wonder why you didn’t do it before. The first thing you need to do is vacuum the sills and the tracks to get rid of all the dust and bugs that get trapped there. Then, spray window cleaner at the top of the window pane; you can buy it or make your own using vinegar.


De-Flea Your Pets

Pets are a lovely presence and will be part of the family, but unlike the people living in your house, they won’t wash every day – even a cat’s habit of licking itself all over will only do a quick cleanse rather than a deep clean. That means your beloved pets can track fleas into the house which can live in the pile of your carpet and cause chaos. Use Revolution topical for cats to rid your cat of fleas and keep your home pest free.


Freshen Your Mattress

Since you’re definitely going to be removing all the bedding from your bed to give it a good wash, you’ll have the perfect opportunity to freshen up your mattress too. All you need to do is sprinkle baking powder all over it and leave it for an hour. After that, vacuum it all up, turn the mattress over and do the same on the other side. This is a simple, easy and effective trick that can make the world of difference. Through some simple actions, you can be well on your way to a fresh clean home that you will feel proud of.




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