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Stress Relievers: 3 calming activities to become stress-free

Summer is over which means most of us have gone back to work (or school). Work can put a lot of stress on both our physical and mental health. So, it’s best to establish some measures to relief stress and prevent your next burn-out.

That’s why I have combined a list of my favourite relaxing activities to make your life stress-free:

Take a walk, pal

Use your lunch breaks, or spare time to go for a brief stroll. Walking is a great activity to clear your mind. Not only that, but physical activity produces endorphins which have been shown to enhance your overall cognitive function and – you have probably guessed it – reduce stress.

Put on some calming music, an entertaining podcast, or – my personal favourite – enjoy the soothing sounds of nature. I can assure you’ll feel a lot better afterwards.

Full-body massages

When your body is touched and massaged it releases oxytocin, dopamine, and endorphins. These are all hormones that make you feel pleasant. Thus, drastically decreasing your levels of stress.

For stress minimalization, you might want to opt for an oriental massage over a western massage. Due to their energetic- and physical properties, oriental massages do not only loosen up the body by a series of careful, fluid motions. But, they also restore the flows of energy in your body by combining deep tissue and acupressure.

By getting massaged on the regular (also by your loved ones) you can decrease your stress and become more comfortable in your own skin. And, if you’re like me and scared to go by yourself, you can always invite a friend for a couples massage!

Story time!

Sit, lay down, and grab that book you have been meaning to read for ages. Reading has been found to be THE most relaxing activity one can do to relief stress. When reading, you’ll fall into deep focus which helps to relax your muscles and heart. The best part is that its effects are quickly noticeable, and you’re entertained in the process.

When I am really stressed out, I always prefer to make a good ol’ cup of peppermint tea, drop down on my couch, and read one of the books I picked up a couple of days before. It helps to take my mind off whatever I am stressed about.

No more stress

All activities I have mentioned above have one thing in common: distraction. Distraction is key to changing your state of mind. Therefore, by distracting yourself it is possible to relieve stress by simply not thinking about it as much.

Of course, stress is the result of an underlying problem which can’t be solved with some walking, massaging, or reading. But, relaxing activities and techniques can really help in keeping your stress at bay.

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