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The Best Women’s Hairstyles For Riding a Motorcycle

The Best Women’s Hairstyles For Riding a Motorcycle

Riding a bike is awesome – but with all that wind, rain and dirt, staying stylish can be tricky. Every woman has to protect her head just in case the unexpected happens, and this means wearing a cumbersome motorcycle helmet. Here we take a look at a few hairstyles you can adopt the next time you’re heading out on your next great adventure.


  1. Cut it

The most extreme style for motorbiking women, but arguably the most practical. Cut your hair short to avoid the whole drama of having helmet hair from your motorcycle helmets. The benefit of having a short crop is that you are not going to be suffering from your hair ever banging you in the face – you will be truly liberated! Comb it the opposite way to how it naturally sits before you put your helmet on, when you take your helmet off it will fall to its natural side, but with added body and no more helmet hair.

  1. Ponytail It

The classic and maintenance free hairstyle, the ponytail has become one of the most popular and carefree ways women motorcyclists can do their hair. You must ensure that your pony tail is a low lying one; below the level of your helmet to avoid a headache from the extra pressure. You can easily and quickly tie your hair in a ponytail, but do think about what you are using to secure it. A plain elastic band is the best to use as it will not fall out while you are riding. Perfect for those on the road.

  1. Braid It

Braiding provides a highly practical and convenient way to control your hair. Explore various options to find the most comfortable type of braid to suit your helmet. Using braids is a stylish way to keep your hair off your face while you are riding, but remember to use a gel or hairspray to keep your style in place and stop those flyaway hairs. Use a bandana or scarf over your braids to prevent friction damage to your hair in your helmet and to keep your style in place. A silk scarf is best for maintaining your style; her helmet will also create naturally messy and carefree locks.

  1. Bun It

Another popular hairstyle for women bikers, there are a number of different buns you can take advantage of – from the sock, ballerina, low and side bun. Again, make sure that it is secured below your helmet to avoid a headache.

  1. Headband It

Quick, simple to use and a great way to control your hair. Choose as wide a band as possible to make sure that you catch all those stray flyaway hairs. For added glamor, use a silk scarf as the silk reduces the damaging friction between your hair and helmet. Preparing for this accessory is easy. when you’re done biking? Simply remove the scar and shake your head; your hair should turn back to normal in an instant.


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