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A Wild Adventure in the Old West

A Wild Adventure in the Old West


Wyoming is the land of mountains and vast plains. It is the land of earth and sky, and was founded by the mountaineers who triumphed staggering peaks and made homes in the valleys. Jackson Hole is named after these mountaineers, one named Jackson, as they descended into the valley on slopes so steep, it felt like they were entering a hole. Their christening may be uninspired, but the valley and the land is absolutely stunning.


For an adventure in the Old West, you don’t have to look any further than Jackson Hole. This valley sits in the middle of Teton County, and is bordered by the Teton Mountain Range and the Gros Ventre Range. The landscape evokes the spirit of the west, when success was tasted on the air and drove men mad with aspiration; a new world for the taking.


Now, you can visit with a direct flight. The flight itself takes you on a stunning journey through the mountain ranges that you will want to take picture after picture of. Once you land, you are met with the town of Jackson; with a population less than ten thousand. Here you will find small town quaintness and re-enactments of wild-west shootouts.


In summer, you can hike the mountain ranges, from Grand Teton to Gros Ventre to Yellowstone National Park. All are within an easy drive’s distance, though the walk themselves are more challenging. You can rock climb. You can mountain bike. You can go white water rafting down Snake River.


In winter, you find a different scene, with snow covering the ground and turning the valley into a dessert of pure white. You can ski at the best location in the United States of America. You can take snowmobiling trips across great distances. You can go for snowshoe tours, dog sled, or sleigh rides. You can take one sleigh ride up to the National Elk Refuge and be witness to thousands of migrating elk.


This is the place that has captured our imaginations; that drove our fantasies and seized our hearts. This is the Old West that has been recreated on film over and over again. The wild west we search for when we visit the Old West is not the true frontier. It’s the one we’ve seen in movies. It’s the one we’ve daydreamed about and watch on our TV screen (think, Westworld). It may be a myth, but it is a beautiful one.


When the day is over, and you’ve had enough adventures, it’s time to lay your head in a luxurious hotel. There’s no better way to prepare yourself for a busy adventure tomorrow than to pamper yourself before bed. The White Buffalo Club offers all the amenities you could hope for on a romantic escapade into the Wild West.


So, what are you waiting for? Jackson Hole won’t stay a secret for long. Already, Teton County is home to some of the richest people in America. It’s a stunning location, and it has everything you need to have a wild adventure out in the Old West.

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