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Best Accessories For A Beach Holiday

It’s hard to keep up with new year resolutions, especially when they involve you spending less on fashion trends. We’ve all been there before; we’ve all made that promise to grow up and spend less money on trends. But then we see those shoes and bags with many colors and shapes, and they stir our inner splurging spirit. However, when it comes to going on holiday, you want to look your very best, so the extra spending is excusable.


In 2018 we’ve seen many fashion accessories move from being overly decorated to producing cleaner and simpler pieces. From chain necklaces to basket bags, we’ve come up with the best accessories this season has to offer. These items will not have you maxing out your credit card, but they definitely will get your Instagram stories looking like a million bucks!


Woven Hats

Although most holidays mean laying around in the sun, there’s no harm in wearing your stylish summer accessories. Woven hats vary from boaters, cowboy to berets- they have to be made of straw. You can purchase a packable one for more efficiency as you travel during your vacay.


Statement Necklaces

If you choose right, your statement necklace can effortlessly switch up your casual outfit to a different level of amazing. If you have a pear-shaped figure, do opt for shorter chains as this will move attention from your lower body upwards. Add your necklace to an evening gown, and you’re sure to gain a lot of compliments.



The fashion industry has welcomed geometric earrings back this year and has varied them by using different materials such as resin. Pair your large hoop earrings with a cute printed number, preferably off the shoulder. Pin your hair into a semi-ponytail for an added flair to show them off in more detail!


Round Straw Bags

Don’t be skeptical; straw bags are incredibly versatile. They are also eco-friendly and make a great alternative to plastic bags. You can pair your wooden or woven bags with your floral sundress or take up a notch with a blazer and denim, or even with that bathing suit you’ve been itching to outdoor! Although there are many ways to re-use grocery bags, branch out with woven bags and try those made with bamboo or raffia. When it comes to straw bags, go big or go home. If you are after a little inspiration for some cute outfits that will look effortlessly chic with your straw bags, take a look at this website.



You may have seen a few models rocking sunglasses that look too tiny to wear in real life situations. Thankfully, this trend is one that’s easy to follow with a wide range of frames, sporty, cat-eye and round, vintage sunglasses. In choosing a pair, fade out that model’s face, replace it with yours and select any that suits your face shape. The great thing is that sunglasses can be paired with any outfit, be it items with muted tones, bright colors or minimal design.


Sunglasses are more practical than merely fashionable as they protect you from UV rays. Sunglasses protect the delicate tissues and skin your UV blocking contacts can’t access. So if you have a passion for frames, opt for a pair that will protect your eyes and look awesome at the same time. Who says you can’t have excellent vision and slay at the same time?


Coin Necklaces

You can’t get any more chic with a pretty coin necklace around your neck, on a day out in the town!! Coin necklaces are simple and classic and depending on your choice; they can give your clothing a traditional or a boho look.


You might think that such pieces are all expensive but budget-friendly options do exist. There are many coin necklaces that are replicas inspired by actual vintage collections. You can also find the real deal that doesn’t cost you an arm, but you need to know where to look.


Never hesitate to be experimental with this accessory; differ the design and color, to find those that flatter you.


Mini Handbags

It goes without saying- small bags don’t take in most of our stuff. Mini bags, however, are great for a short night out with the girls or the love of your life where all you need is your cards, keys, phone, and a lip balm. You can switch up your look two ways with a single handbag; sling it over your shoulder or ditch the sling and rock it as a clutch.


You don’t need to spend big for such a tiny bag that takes only your phone and keys, but you do need to add this accessory to your summer wardrobe.



Espadrilles have gained massive popularity in 2018, especially with the introduction of their wedge styles. If you’re not a fan of wedges, you should look at getting mule-styled espadrilles. You can be a part of the trend with a more traditional slip-on fashion that is the dominant look this summer.


You can dress espadrilles up or down. The rule of thumb to wearing any form of espadrilles is to work with that covered-up on top to balance its extra height. Wedge espadrilles look great when worn with long dresses and are great for any outing- be it during the day or night. Flat espadrilles are universal and add a relaxed touch to any piece of clothing.


Clear Bags

Countless celebrities have made it clear to us that you can’t go wrong with this fashion. Clear bags can easily be incorporated into your clothing and accessories to give a chic vibe during the summer and are easier to tap into than you might think.



You might have heard a lot about sliders in recent fashion news. Once reserved for pool dates, slides have suddenly become items styled for any place. Slides can be athletic or glamorous.


If you don’t fall into any particular style category and you want something that falls in-between the extremes, you can go for (faux) suede slides, dress them up with that cute button-up shirt and denim to be the talk of this summer!


Trends are fun, plus, they are the basis for all your holiday outfits without you looking overdressed and eccentric. The best tip is to experiment when it comes to fashion accessories. Have fun and develop your style while at it!






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