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Car Or Motorcycle – Which Suits Your Lifestyle Best

Car or Motorcycle? Which Suits Your Lifestyle Best?

Having your own wheels can give you a lot of freedom to explore and to arrive where you want to be in style. While public transport and cycling may be convenient sometimes and better for the environment, in some places you really need a vehicle to get around, and it can also give you a lot more options even if you live in a city that has pretty good transport services or where everything you normally need is within walking distance.

The Good Rogue

Of course, if you have to pick just one, whether as your first vehicle or as your normal everyday personal transport, both cars and motorbikes have a lot going for them, making it hard to choose. If this is a dilemma you are currently experiencing, here is some help to determine whether four wheels or two are better suited to your lifestyle.

Time and Budget

When it comes to how much coolness you can get for your money, the motorcycle definitely wins. Most first cars or cars owned by young drivers tend to be bought with practicality, low insurance prices, and general cheapness in mind, and tend to be at best boring. With a motorbike, you can get something that looks cool and is fun to own at just about any engine size and price point, and for the price of a fairly terrible car, you can get a pretty amazing bike. The price and time spent on getting your licence are also a lot lower for a bike. When preparing to get your driving license, taking practice theory tests on TopTests is helpful, but you can expect to spend a lot of hours of study, training, and revising, whereas it is a fairly easy process to get a motorcycle licence for lower engine size bikes, meaning you could be on the road almost immediately.

Gearing Up

One area where the car definitely wins out, however, is when it comes to its suitability for taking you anywhere. If you like to dress up and arrive at places looking party-ready, then unless your personal style is biker chic, you need a car to do this. To ride a motorcycle safely you need protective clothing all over your body, as well as of course the hairstyle destroying helmet. This is fine if you are riding your bike mostly to casual things, but if you want to use it to go everywhere, you’re going to need to get used to changing on arrival!

Travelling With Other People

If you never really expect to have to give anyone a ride anywhere, or most people you go out with ride motorbikes too, then the fact that the bike is really solo transport (you can carry a passenger on the back, but only if they happen to be dressed appropriately and have a helmet) isn’t a problem. However, if you are someone who wants to be able to give friends a ride, do a car-share to work, or plan long road trips, then the car is the only option that’ll really let you do these things.
Both cars and motorcycles can be great under the right circumstances and have their pros and cons, but it is important to think about your lifestyle when deciding which to go with.

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