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Preparing for Your First Solo Vacation

If you’ve previously taken holidays with your family or with a partner,then you’ll be used to having two of you to remember things and also to plan the vacation together. However, if you have now decided that you want to take your first solo vacation, then there are many aspects you need to arrange yourself and remember. It doesn’t just revolve around the planning of your holiday; it also depends on what you’re going to do while you’re there and how you’re going to experience the sights. To help you on your way, here are some ideas on preparing for your first solo vacation.

  • Planning Your Trip

When it comes to planning your first solo vacation, there are a couple of things you need to remember.

  • Firstly: How safe is the country you’re going to.
  • Secondly: Whether you can get around easily on your own.

Safety is probably the first and most important issue because you need to know any dangers that may be present in the country you’re visiting. If you are unsure of the risks, then you can also speak to your local embassy government foreign office. Another issue with planning is what you intend to do when you arrive. If you’re planning on taking a road trip, then this might not take you quite as long as hiking across the country.

  • Packing

 When it comes to packing, it’s vital that you remember everything you need. Although that might sound obvious,you don’t have another person with you as a backup who might be carrying a spare toothbrush or phone charger. The best way to do this is to write a list well in advance of all the things you want to take with you. You can then tick off these things as you pack them into your suitcase. Although many airports do have emergency supplies, they can be quite expensive, so if possible, you want to take everything with you. Most important is medication because you never know whether you’ll be able to find your particular brand in the country you’re going to or if they will be able to give it to you. It’s also a good idea to take things with you that you might not be able to find in that country, such as items available on Smokerolla.

  • Be Confident

 It is understandable that you might be anxious or even nervous on your first solo vacation. However, you need to have confidence, especially when you’re out in public areas. There are many people who couldpray on you if you look like a tourist or someone who’s unsure of themselves. Even if you don’t feel particularly confident, it’s essential to try and fake it if possible at least until your confidence starts to rise. The best thing to do is to plan during the evenings in your hotel so that you know exactly where you want to go and what you want to do the next day. If possible, try not to rely on a map as this can be a dead giveaway. Instead, try to think about the route you’re taking from your hotel to your first location. Once you are there, you can then check the map to see where the next place will be.

  • Blend In

Along with having confidence, you also need to have the ability to blend into your surroundings. To achieve this, why not take a few hours when you first arrive in the country to sit down in a local coffee shop and watch the world go by? You will then have an idea of how people talk, move through the city, and more importantly what they’re wearing. Try to dress in a similar way to the locals, as this will help you to stand out less so you’re not such an easy target. If you need information, it’s also a good idea not to just ask someone in the street, but to ask an official information point.

  • Keep People Informed

Any vacation can have its problems, however, if you are on your own, then you can very often become isolated. That is why it’s criticalthat you let someone know where you are at any given time. Ideally, you want to have an itinerary in mind that you can give to someone back home, so they can follow your progress. You should also keep this person regularly updated as to where you are and how you are feeling. If you think that something is going wrong or if you’re going to be delayed, then you need to let these people know. It’s also a good idea to have a time frame, for example, that you will ring this person every night at the same time. They then know that if you don’t ring, something could be wrong, and they may need to find help.

  • Try to Reserve in Advance 

There is nothing wrong with arranging your accommodation before you move on to the next town or city. In many cases, hotels can become fully booked, and the last thing you want to do is arrive and have nowhere to stay. As a bonus, you can often get a discount at the hotel if you book in advance. The same applies to any attractions that you might want to visit while you’re there. Queuing up for a museum or a show can take a lot of time out of your holiday, and you’re not even guaranteed of getting a place. If you are planning on booking ahead, you also want to make sure that you are using the company’s own website rather than a third-party site which could be charging more.

Traveling solo on your first vacation can be one of the most amazing experiences you will ever have in your life. However, you also need to ensure that you are well prepared and you are safe so that you can have the best vacation possible. Once you have your first solo vacation out of the way, you will be eager to go on your next adventure.

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