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The Top Water-Related Activities in the US

The Top Water-Related Activities in the US


People in the US love the water, and they have long since adopted all water-related activities as a part of the culture. In fact, America itself is the birthplace of the famous Jet Ski and is probably the most popular place in the whole world when it comes to any kind of water sport. Having said that, there are still some water sports that are more popular than others, and in the list below, we will be taking a look at the top water-related activities in the US.


Boating & Sailing


The fact that the United States has declared 1st of July as the National Boating Day should tell you all you need to know about the nation’s love for sailing. By taking a sightseeing boat tour or sailing on your boat with a few friends, treading the familiar and unfamiliar waters on a boat has always been popular. Miami, Tampa, and Minneapolis are fantastic locations for boating enthusiasts, and you will find the ocean near these cities speckled with boats and yachts throughout the year, and especially during the summer.




Probably the most popular water sport in the world, the allure of surfing leads thousands of people every year to California, Florida, and Hawaii. Thanks to Jet Surf NY and their range of revolutionary super light motorized surfboards, surfing is now more popular than ever.




Anyone who has experienced scuba diving will instantly understand why it made it onto this list. There is just no way to describe the feeling of being below the waves. You quite literally get to experience a brand new world. Top diving spots in the US include Maui in Hawaii, Monterey Bay in California, and near the Inian Islands in Alaska. Once someone takes their first dive, they always come back for more.


Jet Skiing


The Jet Ski is a home-grown invention of America and is often compared to riding a bike but only on water. In fact, the sport was developed by Clayton Jacobson II back in the 1970s in an attempt to find a safer alternative to old-fashioned biking. Today, it’s considered to be a legitimate water sport, and you will find the Miami coast to be particularly enjoyable for jet skiing due to the various waterways.




Fishing transcends limitations like fitness, age and health conditions that some of the other water activities mentioned here must adhere to. With over 45 million people the US heading out for a fishing trip each year, it is undoubtedly one of the most accessible and popular activities in America. Catching that large black bass seems to be on top of the bucket list for a lot of people.

Snorkeling could have been included because it is quite popular and some experts even consider it to be a prerequisite for deep sea diving. However, since diving is already mentioned and snorkeling on its own would feel like an incomplete experience, it had to be left out. Nonetheless, these are the five most popular water activities in the US, and if you are yet to experience most of them, you are definitely missing out.

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